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Story Time at HEB Alon Market in September

Updated to add: Thanks to @momonmars (Debi Pfitzenmaier of, I read a story in this past Sunday’s Express-News that provides more details on this, and other, HEB-provided story times around town this month. HEB is committed to a new program, Read 3, which encourages parents to read to their kids at least three times […]

Like a support group…for women bloggers

I’m still warming up this fledgling blog. I have so many ideas for things to write about but my muse strikes at the most inopportune times: when I’m racing through my morning shower; while driving to and from school pick up; smack dab in the middle of one of the many DefCon 5 tantrums my […]

Meet the Teacher Night

Every year it’s the same: They enter the new room, eyes darting around nervously to see who else is there, to check out what everyone is wearing. Their hearts beat just a little bit faster as they wonder, “Will anyone talk to me? Will I find a friend? Will the teacher like me?” Silly parents. […]

What are you waiting for?

It seems an obvious thing–to realize that our time on earth, and with our loved ones, is limited. It should be especially obvious to me this year when I’ve lost family members and friends. But for some reason I continually find myself thinking, “That can wait. I’ll have plenty of time for that later.” And […]

Welcome to San Antonio Mom Blogs!

In June of 2005, while nursing my first-born daughter, I flipped through a parenting magazine. An article about “mommy blogging” caught my eye. I’d heard of “blogs” before and although I kept up with a few in the tech industry, I’d never read a personal blog before. The article focused on a compelling blog about […]