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Archives for May 2012

A Summer Outdoors: Pinterest-inspired Nature Scavenger Hunt

Summer, Day 1, arrived without great fanfare. The kids still got up at the crack of dawn. Breakfast was relatively unceremonious. My sister, a teacher who has one more day of work before her vacation begins, dropped off my niece for the day. The three kids spent the morning entertaining themselves in and out of […]

Not wrong, just different, and maybe even better

I’m a card-carrying Control Freak. So letting go of anything (and everything) is not in my nature. That includes being OK with my husband “doing his thang” with our kids. I really and truly don’t believe he’s incompetent when it comes to raising our kids. But, apparently, that’s the message I send to him. Regularly. […]

Our San Antonio Summer To Do List

Summer vacation begins in less than 24 hours! And while I’m excited to spend more time with my kids, the idea of keeping them entertained for weeks on end is a little daunting. So I’m creating a list of all things we can do together to encourage learning, inspire adventures, and have loads of fun. […]

The South Texas Heritage Center and Witte Museum!

The grand opening for the Witte Museum’s South Texas Heritage Center is this Saturday, May 26! Is it on your Must-Do list? Well, partners, it should be. The South Texas Heritage Center’s grand opening activities promise something for everyone to enjoy. Here’s a sneak peek into this San Antonio’s newest historical gem: And, two San […]

Raising Kids Without Religion

I’m republishing this post I wrote two years ago for (which is no longer online) because these issues and questions still come up in our household. I’d love to hear what you think: Can you / should you / how do you raise kids without religion? Our daughter’s been asking questions. And I don’t […]

Splash around in the South Seas in San Antonio at Aquatica

Aquatica at SeaWorld San Antonio is now open! Inspired by the vibrant color and laid-back rhythms of the South Seas, Aquatica brings relaxing beaches (Beaches in San Antonio? Yes!), exotic animals, and incredible water slides and pools for all ages to the Alamo City. Take a peek into this local paradise below and stay tuned […]

Howdy, partners. There’s a new “Cowboy Museum” in town.

My kids love the Witte Museum. But they don’t call it that. The name they give it depends upon the most recent special exhibit they’ve seen there. For a time it was the “Dinosaur Museum.” After that they referred to the Witte as the “Bug Museum,” and then the “Fish Museum,” and, most recently, the “Pirate […]

This is why

When they scream at each other. When they whine. When they’re disrespectful. When they’re annoying. When they disobey. When they don’t listen. When I want to scream at them. When it seems pointless and I want to cry. When I do cry. When I’m at my wits end, I take an enormously deep breath and […]

Turning kids into entrepreneurs

While growing up I knew I wanted to do something important with my life. For a while I wanted to be an obstetrician. Then I struggled through high school chemistry and realized that medicine just might not be my path. After that I decided that being a diplomat would be a great fit for my […]