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Bluebonnets in San Antonio and the Weekly Link Up for March 17 – 23, 2014

Where to find the best bluebonnets in San Antonio

Where are the best bluebonnets in San Antonio? Do you have a favorite spot that’s blooming like crazy? The watch is on for the next month or so to find fields filled with these true Texas beauties.

Our go-to spot, McAllister Park, had not fully bloomed into blue when I checked on Tuesday of last week (Has anyone been there since? Maybe the bluebonnets are poppin’ out there now!).

The only bluebonnets we’ve seen so far this season are in our neighborhood. Yesterday, while on a walk, Delaney and I saw this happy bee who was busy drinking in the sweet nectar of these fleeting blossoms. But while this and the few others patches of bluebonnets we’ve seen are pretty, nothing takes my breath away like a field of solid blue, waving in the wind.

Where have you found the best spots around town to see bluebonnets? Share your favorite spots in the comments and share your blog posts here too, all week long.

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  1. We drove to Austin this weekend and saw a small field of bonnets, but nothing like
    I thought we’d see.

    • Oh, no! Maybe they are blooming a little late this year? With the rain we had in the fall and part of the winter, I thought we’d be in for an amazing bluebonnet season.

  2. What a great shot!

    My mom & dad have a patch of bluebonnets in their front yard and we usually do pictures there. I have this (very sad) feeling we might miss them this weekend. But I have taken a few photos of the flowers.

    • Thanks, Sara! I wonder if there’s been news of a less-than-stellar bluebonnet season in store for us this year? I’ll have to check it out. I hope you get some shots eventually!

  3. I found a spot near Northwest Community Church on Guilbeau (near Tezel). I didn’t have my camera with me, nor were the girls dressed for bluebonnet pics. We may head back in a few days *just in case.*

  4. I have never taken or taken my girls to get bluebonnet pics. How crazy is that? I need to make it a goal and do it! I have a feeling tho that it will be an awful experience of complaining little girls.. but I suppose it is a one time must.

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