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Landa Library for a beautiful and affordable birthday party in the park

When my daughter was a baby, we lived in Alamo Heights. Our favorite library story time was at Landa Library, not only because the lady who hosted them was fantastic, but also because there is a beautiful park right outside the library doors. Perfect for family fun at all times of the year, but especially during our sweltering Summer months, Landa Library Park is shady with recently upgraded playground equipment and plenty of grass for picnics and benches for sitting and reading while the kids play.

It’s also the perfect place to host a birthday party. And, as I previously mentioned, I’ve always wanted to throw a party in a park.

For just $40 per hour, you have full access to the shady patio that wraps around the library building. The library also provides about 30 chairs and two, six-foot tables. The library doesn’t provide the labor to move them outside and back in again, but that’s what significant others are for, right? And, if guests get too warm or need to use the restroom, they can hang out in the air-conditioned library for a bit.

Budget birthday party in the parkHosting a party in the park isn’t as easy as letting Chuck E. Cheese or Pump It Up handle the details, but you can definitely save some money and create a memorable party for a lot less dough. We could have hosted a party at one of those places (or one like it) and spend a bunch of money and only be able to invite a few kids, or we could invite as many friends as our daughter wanted to a park party and still keep the cost relatively low.

Landa Library Park has two playground sets (one that includes a mini-zipline for bigger kids about 4-10 years old and one for babies and toddlers) as well as swings. We decided that the playground would be the main source of entertainment for our guests who ranged in age from 18 months to 8 years.

We also wanted to have one other activity the kids would enjoy so we hired the delightful and super-talented Hippy with Hippy’s Face Painting to provide some whimsy. Her rates are affordable (and she’s worth it!) and she can paint 12-18 kids’ faces in an hour.

I ordered Hello Kitty cupcakes from Sam’s Club (approximately $14 for 30 cupcakes) and grabbed bottled water, juice boxes, and chips while I was there. Throw in the Hello Kitty plates and napkins, balloons, and goody bags from Party City and two bags of Piñata candy/toys from HEB to fill the goody bags, and we were set to go.

The approximate cost of our Landa Library Park birthday party was about $300 and we invited 30 kids. Last year at Pump It Up we paid around $450 for 25 kids. In addition to saving money this year, we had a unique party that introduced lots of parents and kids to the lovely Landa Library Park. It was more work than Chuck E. Cheese where you simply stroll in and stroll out, letting them handle almost every detail. But the result was a day of play and fun where the kids’ imaginations dictated how they spent the afternoon.

 Check out more pics of our birthday party at Landa Library Park!


  1. Thank you so much for the birthday party tip! My daughter’s 5th is coming up. I’ve never done a big party for her, because I usually had a newborn in years past. I’m definitely going to check this out. My sons’ party at Kiddie Park got rained out a few weeks ago, so we had it at home instead. We ordered Super Target Artisan Sandwich trays and they were good! Cheaper and healthier than pizza. I would recommend them for a park party!

    • colleenpence says:

      Your Super Target sandwich tip is great, Amanda! I hope your daughter has a wonderful fifth birthday, no matter where you decide to host it. There are so many good options in town.

  2. I’ve never been to Landa Library Park but I’m going to have to check it out. Thanks for introducing it to me. 🙂

    • colleenpence says:

      Lori, thanks for commenting. If you haven’t been to Landa Library Park, you’ve got to go ASAP. It’s definitely one of the best parks in the city, especially for kids 10 and under. We always have such a great time there.

  3. We love Landa! Right by our house. We also went to the storytime at the library when my daughter was little. Ms. Ginger was so amazing.

    • colleenpence says:

      Josie, I used to take my little ones to hear Ms. Ginger too. We were so sorry to learn of her passing. She is missed by so many.

  4. Hi Colleen! This is Cassandra with the Witte Museum. How funny, I just stumbled upon this page in Googling Landa Library birthday parties as I’m plannin gmy daughter’s first. I’m hoping you might be able to give me the contact info you used to plan this party, as when I contacted the library, they quoted me some outrageous figures upwards of $300 to use their “grounds.” The $40/hr is much more what I had in mind. Help!

    • colleenpence says:

      Hi, Cassandra! So great to hear from you. I enjoyed meeting you in person yesterday.

      I originally spoke to Michael at the library. I called and he gave me the rates and info. The $40 per hour allows use of the patio that is outside of, and attached to, the library. They also let you use a few of their tables and chairs. Once I spoke to Michael I went to the library directly to fill out and sign the rental contract and to check out the patio, chairs, and tables.

      I think that $300+ rate is for use of the entire grounds for big events. We only set up our party on that patio and the kids had free use too of the playground.

      I hope that answers your question. Let me know if you have any others I can answer. Happy birthday to your daughter!

  5. Christine Greene says:

    Who do we contact about reserving the space? I can’t seem to find any information on the library website for Landa.

    • Christine, I googled Landa Library and this is the number it’s showing: (210) 207-9090. If you call it, they should be able to answer your questions about renting the space. Have a fun party!


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