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#Maynicures & One in Five Minds: breaking the stigma of childhood mental illness

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Maynicures brings awareness to: One in Five Minds. One in every five kids suffers from mental illness.

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Imagine a pinwheel. Now, envision a child gently blowing on that pinwheel and watching it spin as a smile slowly spreads across her face and she delights in this simple pleasure. Childhood should be as joyful, wonder-filled, and carefree as that. But for one in five children, life is a struggle. Why?

One in Five Minds

Here in Bexar County, one in five children suffers with mental illness. That’s 80,000 kids! And only 20% of them receives treatment.

Imagine 80,000 kids breaking their arms and only 20% of them receiving a cast to heal their bone. It seems impossible! And yet, mental health issues in kids are treated differently than physical illnesses in our society. 80% of our children with mental health issues need to receive treatment.

The statistics for those who don’t get help are staggering:

• Half of the children will drop out of high school.
• They are twice as likely to start using illicit drugs and alcohol.
• They are more likely to end up in the juvenile system.
• Many attempt suicide.

The One in Five Minds campaign, sponsored by Clarity Child Guidance Center here in San Antonio, was created not only to raise awareness about mental illness, but also to break down stigma. One in Five Minds’ goal is that no one will be afraid to speak about mental illness and that all children in Bexar County who need treatment will be able to access it, regardless of their ability to pay.

What can you do?

Give yourself and your friends #Maynicures!

This May, participate in the #Maynicures for mental health campaign. It’s simple, it’s fun, and, best of all, your friends will want to get in on the action too!

Paint your nails (four one color, one another color) to represent the one in five minds suffering from mental health issues. Then, photograph your nails and share the photo on your social media channels with the hashtag: #Maynicures. Be sure to tag three friends and challenge them to take party in #Maynicures too!

#Maynicures - spread awareness for childhood mental illness

Visit the One in Five Minds website’s Take Action page

You’ll find infographics, statistics, and other sharable social media-friendly graphics to display on your Facebook profile and on your other social networks. Share the graphics and the statistics and data about children and mental health with your friends and family.

Stop the stigma. Let's talk about mental illness.

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