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Mayor & Mom, Ivy Taylor: Keeping a clean home


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Mayor and Mom Ivy Taylor: keeping a clean home

Morgan recently caught me watching a few moments of, “Hoarding: Buried Alive,” and she said, “Mommy, I don’t know why you like to watch this.” I couldn’t easily explain it to her, but I guess it’s a kind of morbid fascination. In a small way, I watch to remind myself to guard against what I see on those episodes about people whose stuff has taken over their lives in a way that pushes everything and everyone else out.

Please know, I am not an obsessive shopper; I don’t have rooms packed full of stuff (though I do have a lot of books!) and I don’t leave food and trash around our home. But in the hustle and bustle of life, it can be easy to overlook how important it is to create a nurturing and calm environment at home. Part of that means being clean and organized. When I go in Morgan’s room these days, I wonder why it doesn’t seem like I conveyed that message to her. When I was a child, I had more responsibility for cleaning and organizing around the entire home than Morgan has now. But looking back over the generations – going back to my MaDear – seems like each generation has taken less responsibility for some of those basic household duties.

At this point in my family history, Morgan certainly has more stuff than I did or my mother or hers before her. While I have the ability to give Morgan more things, what’s more important is that I teach her lessons about keeping an orderly home environment, a calm mind, and knowing when to let go of things (and people). I don’t think I have done a great job at verbally explaining that to her, but hopefully she is watching the example I provide.

As we marvel at all the new beginnings that spring provides, I think we should all take time to ensure that we are not “hoarders” in our physical space or in our minds. I need to find a compelling way to say that besides “Morgan, clean this room!”

Mayor and Mom, Ivy Taylor: keeping a clean home

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