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Mayor & Mom, Ivy Taylor: parenting a pre-teen

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Mayor & Mom, Ivy Taylor on San Antonio Mom Blogs

“Morgan, are you wearing make up?”

This is the question I found myself asking my 12-year-old a couple of weeks ago while we were standing in our kitchen. She started stammering a negative response but when I took my finger and ran it against her eyelash, the black smudge on my finger was undeniable evidence. I was more angry at the lack of truthfulness than the actual mascara. I sent her to her room.

After apprising Rodney of the situation, we sat Morgan down for a chat. She told us that someone brought make up to school and “everybody” was putting it on. That of course led us to cliche parental questions like “if ‘everybody’ were going drugs would you take some?” “If ‘everybody’ were jumping off a cliff, would you do that too?” I am doubtful on the effectiveness of those comments but it’s amazing how naturally they came out of our mouths.

Mayor & Mom, Ivy Taylor: parenting a pre-teen

Left: Morgan touring the Mayan exhibit at the Witte Museum this summer
Top right: Morgan watching me get my makeup done for the Child Safe PSA in March
Bottom right: Morgan enjoying the fancy car outside one of the AIA Home Tour houses on display last weekend

This little mascara incident gave us the opportunity to discuss a few key issues with our soon-to-be 13-year-old:

  1. Don’t be in a rush to grow up as it will happen quickly enough.
  2.  Think for yourself and don’t follow the crowd.
  3. Always be honest with Mommy and Daddy because as you get older and seek more independence we will have to feel confident in your truthfulness in order to feel more comfortable with granting more liberties.

Parenting is such hard work and every little incident gives us the chance to share life long lessons. I pray that the busyness of life doesn’t prevent me from seeing those windows.

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