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Simple Things Sunday: finding a little snail friend

When we woke up this morning we could tell that it rained overnight. In San Antonio, that’s a BIG deal. It’s so dry our grass is blonde, not green! My kids ran straight into the backyard to play in the cool(ish) morning air before they’d even had breakfast. That’s when they met this little guy: […]

Clever back-to-school meals and the San Antonio Mom Blogs’ Weekly Link Up, August 26 – September 1, 2013

Back to school! Well, for some of us anyway. Private schools started a few weeks ago and homeschool families have various starting dates. But no matter what we all have school, in one form or another, on the brain. San Antonio mom bloggers writing back-to-school posts came up with lots of clever ways we can feed […]

San Antonio mom blogger Stacy Teet with Kids | Stuff | World

This week’s San Antonio Mom Blogs’ featured mom blogger is Stacy Teet. Want to be selected as a Fan of the Week? Like San Antonio Mom Blogs on Facebook and participate! The first thing you notice when you meet Stacy Teet is her smile: it’s infectious. And, as you smile back at her, you realize her eyes are […]

San Antonio mom blogger Laura Hernandez Aplin with PR Mommy

Each week on the San Antonio Mom Blogs’ Facebook page a Fan of the Week is selected based upon their amount of interaction on the page. This week’s featured fan and San Antonio Mom Blogger is Laura Hernandez Aplin. Want to be selected as a Fan of the Week? Like San Antonio Mom Blogs on Facebook and participate! Laura and […]

The Good List: Good Girls Give Back

Blog circle time again! And what better way to celebrate the season than to find unique ways of giving back and helping others? Check out these ideas for giving back, both close to home and far away, and then visit the other blogs in the circle for more inspiring ideas for how we can all […]

5 Cool Things: Back to School Tips from Savvy Bloggers

For some of us, our kids are already back at school. For others, school’s first day is just around the corner. And, for homeschoolers, school may have been going on all summer long. But whatever our various education situations, we can all use some cool tips for back-to-school shopping and preparation. Here are my five […]

Three Courses to Nurture Your Blog (and yourself)

Between parenthood, couplehood, and work, it can be tough to fit in a little “Nurture Me” time. When was the last time you made time to improve your blog or, for that matter, yourself? Here are three great ways coming up (very) soon to nuture your blog and/or  yourself. Cultivating your creative spirit isn’t an […]

5 Cool Things from San Antonio Mom Bloggers

What are San Antonio mom bloggers up to this week? Well, the Thanksgiving holiday didn’t slow them down at all, if that’s what you’re wondering. Check out these five cool things from San Antonio mom bloggers: 1. Do you read, Vintage Kids’ Books My Kid Loves by blogger Burgin Streetman (@VintageKidBook)? If not, you should. […]