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Almost-free fun in San Antonio

Today I’m guest posting for Heidi over at Free Fun in Austin about the Top Five Free Things to do in San Antonio. If you’re joining San Antonio Mom Blogs from Free Fun in Austin, welcome! And hurry on down to San Antonio to visit us, y’all. Here on San Antonio Mom Blogs today, I’m […]

What to do with your kids during Spring Break in San Antonio 2013

If you live in San Antonio, or if you’re visiting for Spring Break, you’re in luck! There is an endless number of fun things to do with your kids in San Antonio all week long. Here are the top picks from San Antonio Mom Blogs for what to do with your kids during Spring Break […]

Landa Library for a beautiful and affordable birthday party in the park

When my daughter was a baby, we lived in Alamo Heights. Our favorite library story time was at Landa Library, not only because the lady who hosted them was fantastic, but also because there is a beautiful park right outside the library doors. Perfect for family fun at all times of the year, but especially […]

San Antonio Moms play date October 10!

That ever-important holiday, Columbus Day, is just around the corner. I’m sure you’ve made big plans for how you’ll celebrate on October 10, but…What? You don’t celebrate Columbus Day? OK. Me neither. Sure, he was an important guy (Tho’ I’m not even sure he actually “discovered” America. A historian on Wikipedia, Martin Dugard, credits Columbus not […]

Landa Library Park gets a makeover

Landa Library Park, one of our family’s favorite places to play in San Antonio, has a brand new look. Modern playscapes (one with a zipline-like feature) and more shade over them are the stars of this renovation, making a great park for kids (ages 0-12) even better. If you haven’t played at Landa Library Park […]