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San Antonio mom blogger Amy Johnson with Maker Mama

This week’s San Antonio Mom Blogs’ featured mom blogger is Amy Johnson. Want to be selected as a Fan of the Week? Like San Antonio Mom Blogs on Facebook and participate! San Antonio mom blogger Amy Johnson is always making something. It’s no surprise, then, that her blog, Maker Mama, inspires others to tap into […]

San Antonio mom blogger Veronica Rouse with Seven Lovely Things

The San Antonio Mom Blogs’ Featured Blogger is back! This week’s  San Antonio mom blogger is Veronica Rouse. Want to be selected as a Fan of the Week? Like San Antonio Mom Blogs on Facebook and participate! An avid thrifter, book lover, and mama to two young children, Veronica Rouse blogs at Seven Lovely Things. Veronica’s passions extend to […]

5 Cool Things: Back to School Tips from Savvy Bloggers

For some of us, our kids are already back at school. For others, school’s first day is just around the corner. And, for homeschoolers, school may have been going on all summer long. But whatever our various education situations, we can all use some cool tips for back-to-school shopping and preparation. Here are my five […]

Three Courses to Nurture Your Blog (and yourself)

Between parenthood, couplehood, and work, it can be tough to fit in a little “Nurture Me” time. When was the last time you made time to improve your blog or, for that matter, yourself? Here are three great ways coming up (very) soon to nuture your blog and/or  yourself. Cultivating your creative spirit isn’t an […]

5 Cool Things for San Antonio Moms This Week: More Blogs!

My list of San Antonio mom blogs is by no means exhaustive because, to my delight, I discover more great blogs to add each month. Recently I found five—yes, FIVE—San Antonio mom blogs I hadn’t read before. And if you haven’t been reading them either, you’ll definitely want to start now. Here’s why: styleberry BLOG I […]