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San Antonio Mom Blogger Megan Ortiz of Mean Baby

Each week on the San Antonio Mom Blogs Facebook page I’ll be selecting a Fan of the Week. This week’s featured fan and San Antonio Mom Blogger is Megan Ortiz. Want to be selected as a Fan of the Week? Like San Antonio Mom Blogs on Facebook and participate! Megan Ortiz, who blogs at Mean […]

Pressure to be the perfect parent

San Antonio mom bloggers appeared on the San Antonio Living show today to discuss whether or not social media makes moms feel the need to be perfect. Pressure to parent perfectly? Melanie, with ¿Que Means What?, talked about how everything on social network Pinterest looks so lovely, but when she attempts the projects she sees […]

5 Cool Things for San Antonio Moms This Week: More Blogs!

My list of San Antonio mom blogs is by no means exhaustive because, to my delight, I discover more great blogs to add each month. Recently I found five—yes, FIVE—San Antonio mom blogs I hadn’t read before. And if you haven’t been reading them either, you’ll definitely want to start now. Here’s why: styleberry BLOG I […]