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Pin Tested: Easy Banana Oat Muffins

There’s always an abundance of over-ripe bananas at our house. I usually whip them up into banana chocolate chip bread but today I wanted something a little different. I found this pin which led to a recipe for banana oat muffins. What a perfect Sunday breakfast treat! The recipe was super easy: mix the dry stuff, mix the […]

Pin Tested: Lemon and Dill Chicken

I’m on a roll with Pinterest recipes! This one required me to touch raw chicken (Ick! Eeew!) but I’m getting better at doing that. I don’t even wear gloves. It’s amazing what a little therapy can do. *Ahem* This savory, lemony chicken dish is a total win. Here’s the Lemon Dill Chicken pin that led […]

Pin Tested: Creamy Bacon Carbonara

My husband is the cook in our family. He puts in a long day at the office, often grocery shops on his way home, cooks a creative and delicious dinner for four, and cleans it all up. Yeah, I know. I’m totally spoiled. Or he’s totally whipped. Probably both. Once in awhile Pinterest makes me […]

Pin Tested: Hard Boiled Eggs That Aren’t Boiled

Sometimes a pin comes along that I just have to test. Is it ultra cool? Will it make my life easier? Can it make me appear to be a cook without me actually having to cook? These are the pins I put to the test. Baked Eggs pin from Pinterest Boiling eggs? Not my forte. […]