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San Antonio bloggers head to Blog Elevated

This weekend in Houston, bloggers are gathering to take their blogs to the next level at the Blog Elevated conference. Nationally renown speakers (including San Antonio’s own Stacy Teet!) teaching three tracks will cover topics including SEO, storytelling, editorial calendars, Pinterest, how to work with brands, bookkeeping for bloggers, making video a part of your blog, […]

San Antonio Mom Blogs’ Weekly Link Up, August 19 – 25, 2013

Wow! Last week’s San Antonio Mom Blog’s Link Up was our best so far. San Antonio mom bloggers linked up 31 posts! Your posts that I shared via my social networks reached a total potential audience of over 150,000 people and received 121 shares on Twitter and Pinterest. Not too shabby—and we’re just getting started! […]

San Antonio mom blogger Katie Fiegel with Texas Tigers Blog

This week’s San Antonio Mom Blogs’ featured mom blogger is Katie Fiegel. Want to be selected as a Fan of the Week? Like San Antonio Mom Blogs on Facebook and participate! For the last seven years, Katie Fiegel has blogged at Texas Tigers Blog about motherhood, her children, and family fun activities in San Antonio. And her photography […]

San Antonio mom blogger Pamela Price releases new book, How to Work and Homeschool

Disclosure: I love Pamela Price’s new book. And not just because she’s a friend of mine. I love it because it’s thorough and hopeful and helpful and chock full of amazing resources for non-homeschoolers as much as it is for homeschoolers. I received a complimentary copy of her book, How to Work and Homeschool, but […]

San Antonio Mom Blogs’ Weekly Link Up: July 15 – 21, 2013

The San Antonio Mom Blogs’ Weekly Link Up is picking up steam! Last week’s link up received 19 posts by San Antonio mom bloggers. I shared those posts on my Twitter, Facebook page, and Pinterest account and people are clicking through! Last week’s posts that I shared on Twitter received a total of 47 click-throughs […]

Throwing myself a life raft: turning summer’s great expectations into good enough ones

Honesty time. I thought summer would be slower. I thought it would be more idyllic. I thought I would have plenty of time to plan crafts and activities and spend time enjoying them with my kids. And I would bake Pinterest-inspired banana cakes laced with creamy pudding, and tart lemon bars that I’d keep chilled […]

San Antonio mom blogger Stacy Teet with Kids | Stuff | World

This week’s San Antonio Mom Blogs’ featured mom blogger is Stacy Teet. Want to be selected as a Fan of the Week? Like San Antonio Mom Blogs on Facebook and participate! The first thing you notice when you meet Stacy Teet is her smile: it’s infectious. And, as you smile back at her, you realize her eyes are […]

Pin Tested: Easy Banana Oat Muffins

There’s always an abundance of over-ripe bananas at our house. I usually whip them up into banana chocolate chip bread but today I wanted something a little different. I found this pin which led to a recipe for banana oat muffins. What a perfect Sunday breakfast treat! The recipe was super easy: mix the dry stuff, mix the […]

San Antonio Mom Blogger Lori Stromberg with My Six Ring Circus

Each week on the San Antonio Mom Blogs’ Facebook page a Fan of the Week is selected based upon their amount of interaction on the page. This week’s featured fan and San Antonio Mom Blogger is Lori Stromberg. Want to be selected as a Fan of the Week? Like San Antonio Mom Blogs on Facebook and participate! Lori Stromberg writes […]

Pin Tested: Hard Boiled Eggs That Aren’t Boiled

Sometimes a pin comes along that I just have to test. Is it ultra cool? Will it make my life easier? Can it make me appear to be a cook without me actually having to cook? These are the pins I put to the test. Baked Eggs pin from Pinterest Boiling eggs? Not my forte. […]

Pressure to be the perfect parent

San Antonio mom bloggers appeared on the San Antonio Living show today to discuss whether or not social media makes moms feel the need to be perfect. Pressure to parent perfectly? Melanie, with ¿Que Means What?, talked about how everything on social network Pinterest looks so lovely, but when she attempts the projects she sees […]

A Summer Outdoors: Pinterest-inspired Nature Scavenger Hunt

Summer, Day 1, arrived without great fanfare. The kids still got up at the crack of dawn. Breakfast was relatively unceremonious. My sister, a teacher who has one more day of work before her vacation begins, dropped off my niece for the day. The three kids spent the morning entertaining themselves in and out of […]

5 Cool Things for San Antonio Moms This Week

We’re busy people, us moms. So you want your info to be quick and dirty (Or, maybe, quick and clean? Because who wants “dirty” info? This is a family site, people!). Here are 5 Cool Things San Antonio moms need to know about this week: 1. Check out new San Antonio Mom Blog: Blood, Sweat, […]

Pin Tested: The Stickiest Mess of Deliciousness You’ll Lick All Year

In September I wrote about my attempts at baking and crockpotting (yes, I’m sure that’s a word) recipes found on Pinterest with mixed success. In fact, I’ve got a whole Pinterest board called Eat It Up where I save recipes and food porn for my husband so he can cook them for me. My generosity […]

Pin Tested: Dinner by Pinterest

Are you using Pinterest yet*? This hip, fun visual bookmarking site will suck more time from you than blogging, Twitter and Facebook combined. I could joke that it’s like crack but that’s not a fair comparison. It’s WAY more addictive than that. One of the boards I’ve set up on Pinterest is Eat it Up […]