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Entrepreneurial summer camps for kids from VentureLab – FAQs

Disclosure: In partnership with VentureLab, this post is the second in a series about their summer camps. In exchange for learning and sharing about VentureLab’s camps, I am being provided with complimentary camps for my children to attend. No other compensation will be received and all opinions are mine.

Win a free week of summer camp for your child from VentureLab in San Antonio!

Recently I introduced you to VentureLab here in San Antonio, the only STEM-based entrepreneurial camps for kids in the country. Working in teams, kids develop products and services, conduct market research, create marketing plans, and sell their products to make money, all in just one week. Now, you have a chance to win a free week for your child at VentureLab Youth Startup Camp!

Kids learn valuable business skills at VentureLab summer camps in San Antonio

First, here are some FAQs about VentureLab, their instructors, and how their camps work:

Q: How long has VentureLab offered camps?
A: This is VentureLab’s second year offering summer camps. They also hold weekend camps and spring break camps each year.

Q: How old should kids be to attend VentureLab camps?
A: VentureLab camps start at five years of age and go all the way up to the age of 18. Kids are divided into teams by age groups:

5-7 years
8-10 years
11-13 years
high school-aged

Your child will learn to become a business owner at VentureLab summer camps in San Antonio

Q: What are the themes of VentureLab’s summer camps?
A: This summer, camps are offered for kids for the following:

  • Youth Startup: Both girls-only and co-ed camps are available. Kids create a product or service as a team, conduct market research, develop marketing plans and/or websites, and sell their product or service, all during the one-week camp.
  • Gamer: Kids learn the basics of programming but then take it a step further. They develop a prototype of their game, conduct market research, create the final game, and sell it, all in one week.
  • Urban Farmer: Kids work in an indoor space (shipping container) to grow an acre’s worth of produce using hydroponics and blue lights. At the end of the week, they sell their vegetables at a farmer’s market and/or donate it to the San Antonio Food Bank.

Q: How many camp counselors does VentureLab have?
A: VentureLab provides one adult for every five kids. Each age group has one instructor, four counselors and approximately 25 children.

Q: Where do VentureLab camp instructors and counselors come from?
A: Most VentureLab instructors and counselors come from Teach for America, City Year, Trinity University, and UTSA and have backgrounds in education. Prior to camp, VentureLab requires all counselors and instructors to participate in a three-day startup weekend that teaches them entrepreneurial skills. All VentureLab instructors and counselors undergo background checks.

Working in teams, with adult instructors, kids learn to become entrepreneurs at VentureLab summer camps in San Antonio

Q: Is lunch provided?
A: Students can bring their lunch or purchase the lunch option for an additional $35 for the week.

Q: What are the hours of VentureLab camp?
A: VentureLab camps run from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Before and after camp care is available from 8-9am and 3-4pm for $50.

VentureLab offers girls-only and co-ed entrepreneurial summer camps in San Antonio

Q: Where are VentureLab camps located?
A: Most VentureLab camps are located at VentureLab Headquarters (1112 S. St Mary’s St., San Antonio, TX 78210), although some of the camps for the high school-aged kids are held at Trinity University. Each location is designated with the camps when your register.

Q: How much is VentureLab camp?
A: VentureLab camp is $300 per child for one week. Scholarships are available.

Now, here’s your chance to win a free week of Youth Startup camp from VentureLab and San Antonio Mom Blogs!

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Win a free week of summer camp for your child at VentureLab, entrepreneurial camps for kids in San Antonio!


  1. These camps sound amazing with how they encourage young children to think for themselves, be confident, problem solve, etc… Id love for mini man to experience this!

  2. Fabulous. Pinning so EVERYONE can try their luck!

  3. Julie L. says:

    Sounds like fun!

  4. Andrea Petty says:

    My son and daughter would love this super interactive adventure!

  5. My son has Asperger Syndrome I would like to know how he will do in a setting like this camp. My younger daughter love to sell things maybe this camp could also be a fit for her.

  6. This is too far for my kids to go but I would LOVE to gift this to a friend of mine! She went last year.. I believe… and she LOVED it!

  7. I like the idea of hands-on learning. And, we’ve met some of the VentureLab folks at STEM Saturdays at the Witte — they always have great activities.

  8. MamaChristy says:

    My son loves video games and I really think he’d enjoy learning about the programming side! What great ideas for all the camps!

  9. Giselle R. says:

    My son and daughter are very math minded and love building things. ANything hands on is a great activity for them. My husband is an engineer so I am sure he’d love for them either of them to do a STEM based camp.

  10. I would be so pleased of my son got this opportunity! How exciting!
    We haven’t found the right fit for him at in a long time at a place where they have such variety.
    Especially camps right up his alley!!
    In the past 2 years,either the camps we choose were with not enough enrollment,soooo we were stuck with having to pick something else or the camp decided to not follow through with the camps all together because not enough interest was gained.
    It can be disheartening too because we saved up all year & waited for the summer camp dates I had set for my son well in advance & they canceled the camps altogether we were interested in. 🙁
    Not only that,by the time they told me that the camps were a no go every other camp I had looked into was booked already.Except for one in Magic which was a good experience but not exactly what we were looking for.He loves technology & Science so this would be a better fit.We make up for camps and things a lot by learning out and about doing fun things since we homeschool,but it sure has been a while that we got to try out a good camp fit for him again & since my son is now 12 I am really hoping to start up looking again.

  11. Cynthia De Haro Krell says:

    This sounds exciting for my 10 year old!

  12. Stephanie Hirsch says:

    My oldest daughter is 11 years old, she is very interested in all things robotics, gaming, science, and inventing new things. I think she could totally benefit from this camp. She might be able to learn new things, or come up with the newest gaming technology.

  13. These camps are awesome! I think each of the options would be a fantastic learning experience for my kiddo.

  14. Venture Lab: This camp sounds amazing! I am always looking for tech camps and camps that involve teaching my kids entrepreneurial skills! I want my kids to know that they are capable of anything they put their minds too! This is especially important for girls in the science/mathematics fields.

  15. Gayle Simons says:

    My step-daughter would love attending one of these camps this summer!

  16. Christa S says:

    Sounds amazing!
    I would love the opportunity for my daughter to attend.

  17. Oooh, summer is the best time to stimulate kids’ brains like this. My oldest would be all over this camp!

  18. Marisol says:

    This camp sounds awesome. I wanna win!


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