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Zoës Kitchen: Review & Giveaway

Disclosure: My family received two free meals at Zoës Kitchen for review purposes but the opinions in this post are mine.

Giveaway: September is Hunger Action Month. Please see the details for my Zoës Kitchen giveaway at the end of the post. For every entry received, San Antonio Mom Blogs will donate $1 to the San Antonio Food Bank (up to $200). At the San Antonio Food Bank, a $1 donation buys $13 worth of food for families in need. For more great ways and creative ideas for how you can help end hunger, please like Moms Fighting Hunger on Facebook.

My kids and I have dined at Zoës Kitchen in Lincoln Heights three different times.

On our first visit, I saw “chicken fingers” on the kids menu and, out of habit, I ordered that (with fruit) for my kids who are four and seven. Fried chicken is never MY first choice for my kids when we eat out but I know they’ll eat it without complaint and it saves tears and time and empty bellies.

I’m not proud that I let them eat fried chicken fingers from time to time when we go out but I pick my battles and this is often one I’m not willing to fight. Besides, dining out with kids and finding healthy choices for them can be challenging.

Many restaurants tend to offer only cheesy, white-flour processed, carb-loaded, and fried food to appeal to what they believe to be a child’s picky palate. Parents, including me, wish for healthier (and tastier) options beyond the typical chicken fingers, cheeseburgers, and peanut butter and jelly.

Zoës Kitchen in Lincoln Heights

But when I ordered the kids’ chicken fingers at Zoës I somehow failed to see that they were grilled, not fried. Oh, but it was brought to my attention as soon as the food arrived and my children began to gripe and whine that this wasn’t what they wanted. WHERE WAS THE FRIED PARTS???

Finally, I convinced them to try the grilled chicken strips. Because, I ever-so-patiently (!!!) explained, Zoës doesn’t fry anything. So, they could either try them or just eat the fruit. Strange but true, silence then prevailed (in between burp jokes of course – dining out with kids is DELIGHTFUL I tell you.) because their mouths were full of grilled chicken and they actually liked it. Funny how kids will eat healthy food if it tastes good and you can just get them to try it.

Kids’ Grilled Chicken Fingers with Fruit

On both of our next two visits to Zoës Kitchen, my kids complained, “But that’s the place without the fried stuff!” But, on both occasions, once the grilled chicken fingers were before them, they ate every bite and even admitted that they like it. They just keep forgetting that they do. Ah, the joys of raising children.

What I like about Zoës Kitchen is precisely that they don’t fry everything (or anything). Their menu includes freshly made salads, soups, sandwiches, and roll-ups, with an emphasis on Mediterranean cuisine.

On our most recent visit, my husband had the chicken salad sampler. He said the chicken salad had a great flavor, although he prefers his with a little more crunch.

Chicken Salad Sampler

I had a tuna salad sandwich on seven-grain bread. This is my favorite sandwich I’ve had at Zoës so far (I’ve also tried the egg salad sandwich and the turkey sandwich). The tuna salad has boiled egg whites in it which I’ve never seen before. And the tuna salad is just a touch saltier than the egg salad sandwich (to which I found myself adding salt). No matter what sandwich you try, make sure it comes on the seven-grain bread. It’s soft, delicious, and hearty.

Tuna Salad Sandwich on Seven-Grain Bread

Zoës has lots of other options including grilled sandwiches, pita sandwiches, pita pizzas, hummus, tabouli, kabobs (shrimp, veggie, steak, and salmon), soups and more–their menu folds out into four panels. There are many, many options. And, they’ve got Take Home Tubs of their chicken/egg/tuna salad, slaw, hummus, pimento cheese, potato and pasta salad.

Take Home Tubs

If you’re looking for a tasty, healthier alternative for family dinners or lunches with friends, visit Zoës Kitchen or, better yet, win four free meals at Zoës by entering the San Antonio Mom Blogs giveaway below!

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  1. I haven’t eaten there, but it’s very close to my hubs’ office! I’ll have to take him to lunch one day.

  2. Fingers crossed! I’m hearing great things about Zoe’s Kitchen.

  3. *such* an awesome idea… just had to support it! xo

  4. Zoe’s was one of our go to spots in Phoenix so we were really excited to see it opening here….and walking distance from our house. The kebobs are awesome and every bowl of soup I’ve had is good too, without being overly salty. We like the whole premise behind the restaurant too.

  5. I love Zoe’s Kitchen’s Fresh Takes. Love that they inspire me to make something new and interesting! And I love that you’re donating to the Food Bank 🙂

  6. The ladies at church have been talking about Zoe’s here in Greenville. They love it.

  7. My wife says that I need to enter to increase her chances of winning. Date night, she says.

  8. What a great idea Colleen! We will need to try this place for sure. With my son’s allergies, he can have regular chicken tenders anyway. He actually likes grilled chicken, of course, he’s never had fried tenders 🙂

    • colleenpence says:

      Melanie, the kids’ chicken tenders are Zoe’s have been juicy and flavorful each time we’ve visited. You son will love them.

  9. Love you lady, going to have to take you out to a lunch date at Zoe’s! We love them too

  10. I love that you are doing this! My son loves the grilled chicken by the way. Last time we were there he wanted two orders of it.

  11. Sure hope I win!!!

  12. Colleen, thanks for hosting this giveaway and for your Food Bank donation. We love Zoe’s too and I have used the twice for catering (office lunches) and will use them again this week. Big hit so far.

  13. The chicken looks yum! Thanks for doing this!

  14. Mmm!! Everything looks so good!!

  15. I just have to laugh about Heather winning — yet again! She has the luckiest streak out of any one I know! Congrats Heather!!

  16. Grabbed a friend and had lunch at Zoe’s last Thursday. Fantastic! I had the Greek chicken pita. They gave me a tasty free sample of hummus, too. I mentioned that I had read about the restaurant on San Antonio Mom Blogs. 🙂

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