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Chris Park in San Antonio, Texas (#9 for #SA2020Resolutions)

Chris Park in San Antonio, Texas

Only a mother’s abiding love could produce a park this beautiful.

In the middle of downtown San Antonio, if you know just where to look, you’ll find small, tranquil, lushly landscaped Chrispark.

Built in 2005 at 111 Camp Street by the late Linda Pace, an art patron and daughter of the Pace Picante Sauce family, Chrispark is a living tribute to the memory of her son, Christopher Goldbury, who passed away in 1997.

Chris Park in San Antonio, Texas

There are no playgrounds here, no sprawling fields of grass through which kids can run. But children are drawn to the quiet beauty of this joyful place nevertheless.

Chris Park in San Antonio, Texas

Maybe it’s because little ones want to touch, smell, and learn about the 18 different plants found here, a mix of South Texas and exotic species.

Chrispark in San Antonio, Texas, is home to 18 different plant species

Chris Park in San Antonio, Texas

Or it could be the whimsical art features, created by artist Teresita Fernandez, at the request of Linda Pace to, “commemorate the potential of everyday occurrences.”

Chris Park in San Antonio, Texas

Benches throughout the park, inscribed with passages from Chris’ diary including, “I got licked by a puppy,” and “I hugged a friend,” make kids giggle.

Chris Park in San Antonio, Texas

And they love leaping across jewel-toned stepping stones, each one bearing a line from the poem, “Wednesday’s Child,” the day on which Chris was born.

But I think one of the reasons children are happy here is the open invitation to roll down Tumble Hill, a slope running down the back of this one-acre park.

Chris Park in San Antonio, Texas

Chrispark is a joyous celebration of life and a quiet reminder to hold your loved ones tight.

Linda Pace’s love letter come to life, resplendent with artistic touches, thick greenery, and, when not in drought season, a flowing fountain, is open Tuesday – Sunday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., and closed on Mondays.

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Chris Park in San Antonio, Texas


  1. Beautiful images!!! of a gorgeous park, can’t wait to make a visit there ourselves. Thanks Colleen for pointing us to so many wonderful new (to us) parks this year

  2. I’m squirreling away your park posts for when Sweet E is here.

    • Patti, Sweet E is lucky to have you for his grandma. And there are so many parks to visit in San Antonio, the two of you will be busy playing in them and enjoying them until he’s grown. 😉

  3. Oh my gosh I can’t wait to take my girls here! What a beautiful place, inside and out. Thanks Colleen!

  4. Colleen, these are really beautiful images. I love the way your kids’ reactions reflect the peace and beauty of the park. Great post.

    • Thank you, Inga! When we first arrived, I wondered if they’d miss climbing on playground equipment, but they never missed it. They created their own fun as they frolicked around this true San Antonio treasure.


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  2. […] we’ve already seen from Chris Park, a park doesn’t have to be huge to be great. San Antonio has over 185 parks, many of them […]

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