Preschool Crafts

Welcome to Preschool Crafts! What better way to spend quality time with your preschooler than engaging in preschool craft projects that are sure to inspire creativity, discovery, and learning. Our goal is to provide preschool parents, grandparents, caregivers, and teachers a source for great preschool craft projects that you can share with your children. Whether you have 15 minutes or 5 hours to spend crafting you are sure to find a preschool craft that will work for you. Thank you for visiting and please contact us with any comments or suggestions.

Featured Preschool Crafts

Candy Bug Preschool Craft
You know the little plastic containers you end up with from those toy vending machines at the front of stores? Have you ever thought, “they must be good for something!” Well, here’s a clever little Candy Bug preschool craft that will recycle those plastic holders into something fun. They can hold a variety of items, from candy to coins and would make great party favors!

Car Drawing Preschool Craft
Most preschoolers have a collection of toy cars, whether they are Hotwheels™, Match Box™ or some other brand, you can use them at craft time too. It’s perfect for preschoolers have not developed the attention span it takes to sit and do a tedious craft. Redefining what the car toys can be used for is also an excellent way to keep their imaginations flowing. Have your preschooler pick out a few of the “fastest” cars and get them ready to do some crafts.

Wonderful Water Bracelet Preschool Craft
The hardware store has so many inexpensive things that you and your preschooler can turn into a craft project. The next time you need to pick up some nuts and bolts, get a few feet of clear plastic tubing while you’re there and make some of these Wonderful Water Bracelets. They cost only a few cents to make and they look fabulous! Your preschooler can even give them as gifts to friends and family.

Featured  Independence Day Preschool Crafts

Patriotic Ribbon Streamer Preschool Craft
Whether your preschooler is in a parade, sitting on the sidelines or even just flying it up and down the block, this Patriotic Ribbon Streamer Preschool Craft is a quick and easy project with wonderful results. It will give your preschooler the opportunity to show their patriotism this Fourth of July.

Fourth of July Sparkler Preschool Craft
Fireworks on the Fourth of July are so much fun! With this Fourth of July Preschool Sparkler Craft, your preschooler can participate too, instead of just watching on the sidelines. This craft can be made into a great centerpiece for your Independence Day barbeque or can be used as a corsage for all the guests at your holiday celebration.

Featured Preschool Holiday CraftsBugs III

Mother’s Day Pencil Cup
Melt Mom’s heart with this simple to make Preschool Holiday Craft! The Mother’s Day Pencil Cup is a great gift that preschoolers can make for Mom or even Grandma. Grab some photos and some glue and get started on this fun and easy preschool craft!

Preschool Spring Sunshine Purse
A cute and bright spring craft, the Preschool Spring Sunshine Purse makes a fun little dress-up item for any little girl. Using just a few simple materials, this sunny purse is inexpensive and fun to make.

Eight Preschool Holiday Crafts Must-Haves
As the holidays approach, you’ll want to be sure you have plenty of preschool holiday crafts supplies handy. Here are eight crafts supply essentials to include in your preschool holiday crafts box or organizer.