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Welcome to San Antonio Mom’s Blogs! We’re here to help make your life a little easier. Whether you’re looking for tips on parenting, recipes to whip up for the family, or just need a laugh every once in a while, you’ve come to the right place! Join us as we take you on an adventure through parenthood in the Alamo City. With our helpful advice and entertaining stories, you’re sure to have a blast! So don’t wait any longer – dive into all the fun that awaits you!

San Antonio is high on the list for people wanting a true Texas experience. The city has some amazing attractions aside from the rich montage of history. These attractions provide an authentic feel of the land and its people. With both natural and man-made points of interest, you could check out the places to enjoy the top attractions the city has to offer. Start out at the famed Riverwalk especially fashioned to draw out people to experience San Antonio life.

San Antonio River Walk
Gorgeous San Antonio River Walk; image via San Antonio Gutters King

This two and a half miles stretch of shallow water, bordered by umbrella-topped tables under trees makes for a refreshing pastime. San Antonio is also famous for its Riverwalk, dining, shopping, and nightlife. With millions of visitors each year, the city offers a range of hotels, motels, and accommodation options which are ideally located in the San Antonio downtown or along the famous riverwalk. f you want to spend your vacation in one of the best places on earth, you might want to try visiting San Antonio. Here you can see a lot of beautiful tourist destinations and hotels that you and your family will surely enjoy. Historical architecture, fun activities, authentic culture, and joyful people are the things that you can find in San Antonio.

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Things to do in San Antonio

Local San Antonio hotels offer discount tickets to SeaWorld, where you can take off on thrilling roller coasters, splash down a water slide, get up close to a dolphin, and enjoy a variety of entertaining shows. Or, bring the kids to Six Flags Fiesta Texas for a day of fun that the whole family will remember. Visit The Alamo, where a small group of Texans held off Centralist Army troops for 13 days, or take a stroll down the bustling River Walk, which offers a unique variety of entertainment, shopping, and dining experiences. The National Security Agency offices are a half-mile from our hotel, and Lackland Air Force Base is just five miles away. top things to do in San Antonio >>>

SeaWorld San Antonio

SeaWorld San Antonio is a 250-acre marine life adventure park, the largest in the world. You must find the time to visit this place where you will have unlimited fun. Divided into four individual parks every ride is designed for you to have the most fun. The Great White is an inverted steel roller-coaster while the Steel Eel treats riders to bouts of weightlessness. The Lost Lagoon, the Texas Splashdown, and the Rio Loco all offer delightful ways to get wet, from wave pools to slides and flumes.

SeaWorld San Antonio
SeaWorld San Antonio; image via YT

Enjoy marine creatures like dolphins, sharks, seals, sea lions, and much more. The place goes well with family vacations and group revelers out on a spree. It is the largest of the adventure parks owned by Sea World Parks & Entertainment, a division of The Blackstone Group. Experience the marine life adventure park at Sea World San Antonio. There are Thrill rides, shows, exhibits and entertainment, and more. Enjoy the Shamu show. Dolphins, whales, sharks, and penguins are on display in huge aquariums. Have a thrilling ride on roller coasters and water slides, and enjoy the live shows and activities that add to an exciting day.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Six Flags Fiesta Texas is another great place for family outings with its eight roller coasters and many more thrilling rides. The Fiesta Bay Boardwalk with its 90-foot Ferris wheel is worth a visit. You will find here an ensemble of award-winning shows along with a complete layout of the many cultures of Texas. Fiesta Texas is a must-experience for any trip to San Antonio. The exciting rides, award-winning shows, Looney Tunes characters, and a free waterpark will have you going berserk and screaming with joy.

Six Flags San Antonio

This place has got to be experienced to be believed! It has a total of 50 rides, food, fun, a water park, and entertainment. Experiences the nerves of steel and ride the Krypton Coaster (the only one with no floor in the region) while feeling the impression of lightness as you race through a zero-gravity heartline spin and turn head-over-heels through five inversions, with seven-story loops and two corkscrews. Come and enjoy food, fun, and shopping with your family. Kids will love it.

Tower of the Americas

The Tower of the Americas provides a panoramic view of San Antonio from 750 feet above the ground. The tower has an observation deck and rotating restaurant featuring upscale dining and a sophisticated bar area. A glass elevator takes you up to the Flags Over Texas observatory, with heart-stopping views all the way. It is a grand way to bid adieu to San Antonio as your final sightseeing venue. Built in honor of the 1968 World’s Fair celebrating San Antonio’s 250th anniversary the Tower is owned by the citizens of San Antonio.

Market Square

Market Square in the downtown area is another interesting place calling out to visitors who throng here to experience charming Tejano mercantile life. The place consists of Farmer’s Market, El Mercado, and Produce Row making for some great hubbub. Owned and operated by the City of San Antonio, it’s the site of Fiesta del Mercado and Cinco de Mayo as also other festivals. By itself, it appears to be fiesta time here any day with vendors offering Mexican pottery, baskets, flags, jewelry, and much more creating a rich mosaic of Mexican culture. The three-square block area is home to a variety of shops, galleries, pubs, and restaurants, offering authentic Mexican cuisine. It’s a happening place to shop and enjoy good food. Again you can simply sit and watch the activities to get a feel of it all.

Natural Bridge Caverns

But if you are inclined to step outside of San Antonio then do visit the Natural Bridge Caverns which are the largest underground attraction in all of Texas. Located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country they are one of the world’s finest caverns registered as a national natural landmark. You get to explore underground chambers and see some great rock and mineral formations. The breathtaking innards need careful traversing as the passages are narrow and slippery. Experience the incredible underground world of natural beauty in subterranean rooms having naturally decorated passages. Guided tours offer extras like gem and fossil panning, rock climbing towers, and zip lines. You could browse at the gift shop or snack bar and enjoy picnic areas. If you like this then you are also certain to enjoy the Cascade Caverns also minutes from San Antonio where you will see underground paths leading to huge cavern rooms.

Lackland Air Force Base

Lackland is best known for its role in being the sole location for U. S. Air Force enlisted Basic Military Training (BMT) for the Active Duty Air Force, Air Force Reserve, and Air National Guard. It has six technical training squadrons training multiple airmen in various Air Forces. To visit the Lackland you must have a military ID card with a valid sponsorship.

The Alamo

The Alamo was a pivotal event in the Texas Revolution and is a historical landmark. The Texans defeated the Mexican Army at the Battle of San Jacinto, on April 21, 1836, ending the revolution. Tourists can visit the historic grounds with beautiful gardens and art depicting the battle.

San Antonio River Walk

The River Walk is a significant part of the city’s urban fabric and a tourist attraction in San Antonio. The River Walk flows under bridge lines with two parallel sidewalks full of restaurants and shops. It links tourists to the River Center Mall, shops, and restaurants where you can enjoy the outside seating with the warm wind in the summer.

With numerous restaurants lining the river, the accent is decidedly on repast and Mexican fare at that. Of course, you do have a regular American spread too. You might even enjoy strolling beyond the waters on uncrowded pathways. Sit on benches spread around the tilework enjoying quaint fountains as you gaze at the city life. Soak it all in. Riverwalk is within walking distance from the Convention Center and many hotels close by. The scene here gets more enchanting in the festive season when colorful lights turn the atmosphere gay.

San Antonio History

Colonized in the early 1700s by the Spanish empire, the city of San Antonio is one of the oldest cities in the United States. A rich historical and cultural past is one of the characteristic features of San Antonio. Attractions in San Antonio offer a wide range of activities for people of all ages. Adventure, romance & relaxation, parks & gardens along with a buzzing downtown city life means that tourists will have plenty to explore and enjoy throughout the day and night. read more >>