Preschool Parenting – Behavior

Why does your preschooler keep throwing tantrums, long after the terrible twos are done with? Do you have a biter? Are you worried about chronic lying or bed wetting, or is his shyness or her sibling rivalry issue becoming more pronounced? Are they normal phases or should you get help? Explore and demystify these behaviors in preschoolers.

Featured Preschool Behavior Articles

Teaching Your Preschooler About Sharing
The socio-emotional development of your preschooler usually reaches a point during their third year that allows for productive sharing. Preschoolers more readily play with their peers rather than alongside them. The parallel play they experienced as toddlers has given way to more interactive play. There are however some preschoolers that have a very difficult time sharing toys, time, and equipment; even if the items don’t belong to them.

Four Ways to Help Preschoolers Take Medicine
They feel lousy and the foul-tasting medicine doesn’t help (yet). The first time is the hardest, but we’ve all been there and have a few tips you can try.

Preschoolers and Temper Tantrums
There are reasons why preschoolers have temper tantrums. (And no, they’re not just to drive you up a wall!) Once you understand the triggers, you can develop ways of defusing your little dynamo before blast off.

Celebrate What Makes Your Preschooler Unique
When parents recognize the special abilities and characteristics of their child, they offer their preschooler the gift of unconditional love, while nurturing confidence and self-esteem.

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Seven Tips for Making Grocery Shopping Fun
Grocery shopping with your preschooler doesn’t have to be a nightmare. You can actually have fun grocery shopping together. Don’t go on one more grocery shopping trip until you’ve read these tips. You can enjoy grocery shopping with your preschooler. Read these seven tips for turning this household chore into quality time with your preschooler.

What if My Preschooler Doesn’t Eat Vegetables?
Your preschooler can get plenty of nutrients without vegetables. Here’s a list of foods to make sure your preschooler eats and vegetable ideas they might enjoy.

Three-Year-Old Development
Age three is the beginning of pre-school hood. What physical, social, and emotional expectations should you have for your preschooler? Are your preschooler’s activities in line with the average preschooler’s? Find out what you can expect. explains the development of the average three-year-old.

My Preschooler Will Not Poop on the Potty!
It’s very common for preschoolers to pee on the potty, but not poop. Help your preschooler pass this hurdle with your patience and understanding of the problem she is facing.