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San Pedro Springs Park in San Antonio, Texas (#6 for #SA2020Resolutions)


Visiting San Pedro Springs Park in San Antonio, the second oldest park in the country

Y’all. I’m way behind on sharing my family’s #SA2020 Resolutions park adventures with you. Today I realized it’s been FOUR months since I last posted about a park. We’re still visiting parks. I just haven’t taken the time to share them with you here. *Bad Blogger!* The last park I wrote about was Eisenhower Park (#5 of 20) back in early May. Since then, our family has visited seven more parks. But, due to life getting in the way, I haven’t told you about them. My goal is to write about those seven parks here, once a week, until I catch up. If you remember, my #SA2020Resolutions goal is for our family to visit 20 parks in 2014. With only 8 more parks to go, and the weather turning cooler soon (Please, please, please let the weather turn cooler soon!) we’re definitely on track to reach our goal.

Visiting San Pedro Springs Park in San Antonio, the second oldest park in the country
Let me introduce you to San Pedro Springs Park. Did you know it’s the second oldest park in the country? Only Boston Commons is older. We visited this park during Spring Break back in March so, as you can see by the photos, some of the trees hadn’t fully bloomed yet. But this park is gorgeous any time of year, with sweeping expanses of grass on which kids can run and play, plenty of tall trees (one of which is particularly good for climbing), a handsome bandstand overlooking a garden, and a magical swimming pool in the middle (which is open for public swimming in the summer – sadly we never did get down there to swim this year).

San Pedro Springs Park, SA2020 Resolutions in San Antonio

There’s also a playground, picnic tables, and sidewalks for walking, running, biking, and riding scooters. Add to that a view of The Tower of the Americas and the San Antonio skyline, just southwest of the park, and it’s tough to find another local park that exudes this much Alamo City hospitality.

San Pedro Springs Park has a rich history, detailed on the San Antonio Parks and Recreation website. Our city’s first zoo, a small one, opened in this park in the late 1800s until it was moved to Brackenridge Park in the early 1900s. More details about the planned improvements to the park taking place this fall can be found here.

Visiting San Pedro Springs Park in San Antonio, the second oldest park in the country

I’ve lived in San Antonio for almost 30 years. I’ve attended performances at the San Pedro Playhouse (now just The Playhouse) which is located on the park’s property. I’ve driven down San Pedro a million times. And I can’t believe this was my first visit to this beautiful park. It won’t be my last, that’s for sure. My kids loved it and I swear that one day we’ll finally make it down there during the summer to swim in the inviting, cerulean pool.

Visiting San Pedro Springs Park in San Antonio, the second oldest park in the country

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  1. We went to the pool a couple of weeks ago and it was closed for cleaning. It’s beautiful, though–we’ll definitely go next summer!

  2. We’ve been to the playground at San Pedro Springs Park, and to the Playhouse. I want to go to the pool sometime. Over the summer, my son’s school hosted a movie night with Slab Cinema at San Pedro Springs Park.

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