Acts of Kindness Say I Love You to a Child

Easy, Inexpensive Ways to Create Loving Memories for Children

Small acts of kindness create the most lasting and meaningful memories for children. Give them a sense of peace and security that money just can’t buy.

Many parents long for more quality time with their children. They see the years slipping away, and they want to make sure their families grow up with positive memories. It can be tempting to try to buy the good feelings they want to instill in their children, perhaps by planning a special trip or purchasing a new toy.

While it may be fun for a family to take an expensive vacation together or to own the latest computer game, material possessions can’t give a child lasting feelings of peace and security. Children learn that they are loved during countless day-to-day interactions with their parents. Small gestures of love add up over time, building a strong foundation from which they can venture into the outside world with confidence and security.

There are countless small acts of kindness that can make children feel loved. During their lifetimes they may forget many of the possessions they owned, the trips they took, and the conversations they had, but they will remember when family members went out of their way to make them feel loved.

Following are a few ideas for giving a child an extra dose of love, creating good memories that will last a lifetime.

Leave a Mirror Message

Write an encouraging or funny message on her bathroom mirror. Use a dry-erase marker, which can be easily wiped away with a tissue. If the message is left for a long time, remove it with rubbing alcohol.

Wake Him With a Warm Blanket

Place a blanket in the dryer as he sleeps. When it is time to wake him, wrap him in the blanket and carry him to a comfy chair. Cuddle with him for a while, rocking him gently, allowing him to awaken slowly in the arms of someone who loves him.

Say “I Love You” With a Secret Sign

Teach her the American Sign Language sign for “I love you,” or help her invent a secret sign of her own. In a crowded auditorium during a play, or after she is dropped off at school and she looks back for reassurance, this is a private way to say, “I am here. I love you.”

Acts of Kindness Children Will Remember

  • Go ahead and carry him in from the car, even if he’s only pretending to be asleep.
  • Surprise her at school by delivering a milkshake or smoothie on the day she has had her braces adjusted.
  • Meet him after school and walk home with him. Bring cookies.
  • Start a game of ‘duck-duck-goose’ on the front lawn. Invite the neighborhood to join in.
  • Speak to her at her eye level, kneeling or sitting as necessary. Look into her eyes so she will know that you are really listening to her.
  • Let her paint her room red. Paint it with her.

Reminders of Love

  • While he is at school, paint stars all over his bedroom ceiling using acrylic glow-in-the-dark paint (available at craft stores). Create planets, constellations, and comets. Add phrases such as, “You’re My Shining Star,” “The Sky is the Limit,” and “I Thank My Lucky Stars for You.” The paint will be virtually invisible until he goes to bed and turns out his light. Imagine his surprise when he looks up to see a night sky filled with stars and loving words of encouragement.
  • In her bedroom, hang pictures and shelves at her eye level.
  • Find photographs of him playing his favorite sport or musical instrument. Also gather pictures of him with friends, or participating in his favorite activities. If he is an artist, seek out examples of his work. Frame the pictures and display them as reminders that his family is proud of him.

Take Time to Make Memories That Will Last

There are countless ways to show children they are loved. By investing a little time and imagination, parents can create lasting memories that no amount of money can buy.