Christian Unschooling – How Does It Work?

Unschooling is whereby children are allowed to learn through their natural life experiences.  In other words, there is no set way in which a child learns.

Through unschooling children are able to decide to learn things that are of interest to them in a way that interests them most.  There is now radical unschooling (whereby children are allowed to direct every area of their lives by themselves – everything from bedtime to learning to food and even hygiene) and Christian unschooling (unschooling that is based upon Christian principles) too.

A lot of people feel as though Christian unschooling is an oxymoron though.  For this reason a lot of Christians who choose to unschool have found themselves feeling quite alone a lot of the time.  Oftentimes they feel as though they are being shunned by other Christians for the educational philosophy they have chosen and ignored by other unschoolers because of their faith.

Why People Shouldn’t Denounce Unschooling and Christianity

Today you will find that there are even websites online that are devoted to pointing out the error of the ways of Christian unschoolers.  This is because these website developers seemingly believe that unschooling is a modern development that has been set forth by people who are not Christians.

What they are missing is that while the term is “modern” or “contemporary” the activity that these terms describe definitely is not something new.  After all, Christian unschooling is nothing more than people living life day by day with their children, sharing in whatever takes place throughout the day.

This is something that is as old as time.  Many unschooled children also participate in apprenticeships, which is yet another ancient practice.

Why Unschooling Isn’t Unbiblical, Even For Christians

Unschooling isn’t unbiblical, especially when you stop to take a look at the apostles who were somewhat like unschoolers themselves.  They didn’t learn about Christ from a desk or a classroom.

Instead, they worked and walked alongside of Him as they learned about Him and the Christian faith, God and humanity.  These are the same things that unschooling parents also want to teach their children about today.

While you may still get some curious looks from non-Christian unschoolers it may simply be due to the fact that they have had a bad experience with Christians.  This may leave them feeling venomous towards anyone who professes to be a Christian themselves.  Of course, there are also unschooling parents who will simply disagree with your faith on moral grounds as well.

Where This Leaves You And A Christian Unschooling Curriculum

Regardless of what side naysayers take, it makes it really interesting to participate in a support group.

You will have to decide whether you want to go to a Christian homeschool group and answer questions about what curriculum you use or chance attending a secular homeschool group where you may encounter someone who is very judgmental against your faith.

The best advice that you could get here is to give both types of homeschool groups a try to see which will work best for you.  In doing so you will also learn what you can say to whom.

In Conclusion To Christan Unschooling

It is rather unfortunate that there is such contention amongst unschoolers.  Oftentimes those Christians who are interested in unschooling are put off because of it too.

There is definitely a lack of support here and this may even cause the Christian unschoolers to become apathetic towards a variety of homeschool causes.  It is also quite possible that Christian unschoolers will become the scapegoats for a lot of things here.

These are just some of the things that you will have to be on the lookout for but they should never sway you from doing what you feel called to do for your family.