The Homeschool Decision

Making the decision to homeschool requires a great deal of soul-searching and information gathering. It is easy to get caught up in the homeschool jargon and become completely overwhelmed. It is essential that you become a learner. Search the web, ask questions, and read, read, read!!!

The following list of questions is designed to help you in your search for clarity and direction and to help jump-start your thinking. Please take the time to think, talk to your children, talk to your spouse, and talk to other homeschoolers. Then, thoughtfully write out your answers.

Later, you will use this information to make curriculum decisions, create a personal homeschool philosophy, and determine how to structure your life and your homeschool to best suit your family’s needs.

Know Yourself

Homeschooling is not easy. Being willing to ask yourself the hard questions, and being honest with yourself, are important steps to determine your capacity for homeschooling.

*   What are my weaknesses?
*   What are my strengths?
*   Can/will I gain the necessary skills to succeed?
*   What aspects of homeschooling scare me?
*   Do I feel pressure to homeschool?
*   Are others’ expectations involved in my decision?
*   Are my own school memories negative or positive?
*   Am I a visual, aural or tactile learner?
*   Can I stand up to criticism?
*   What is education?
*   Am I organized or a bit messy?
*   Am I rigid or flexible?
*   Do I have support to homeschool?
*   Am I willing to sacrifice the necessary time, energy and finances to homeschool?

Discover Your Goals

Each homeschool looks different because each family is different. These questions will help you determine broad goals, uniquely fitted to your family.

*   What are my/my family’s values?
*   Why do I want to homeschool?
*   How long do I want to homeschool?
*   What do I want to achieve through homeschooling?
*   What do I want my preschooler to know?
*   Am I homeschooling towards something or against something?

Gain Confidence

The following questions represent the basics you need to know in order to be confident about your homeschool decision.

* What is homeschooling?
* What about socialization?
* Is homeschooling legal?
* What are the legal requirements in my state?
* What should I teach?
* What are my curriculum choices?