Elmo and Cookie Monster from a Toilet Paper Roll!

A toilet paper roll.  That’s the base behind these adorable little sesame street characters!  Seriously, don’t throw those things away, guys!

I don’t know about you all, but where we live, we are snowed in for the day.  Heck, maybe even the week!  So we’re doing a few crafts will we stay warm inside.

Create a mini Elmo from a toilet paper roll!

Sesame Street Toilet Paper Roll

I absolutely love that these look so cute but were so easy to do.  Here’s how we did it…

As with most crafts I do with the little ones, I do a lot of the prep work and then just help them assemble.  Even though they are cutting and measuring, they still get to watch the process from start to finish and help create.

  • I cut and wrapped the toilet paper roll in construction paper and let Brady tape it shut.
  • Then, I found templates online of Elmo and Cookie Monster’s faces, shrunk them down and traced them onto paper.
  • For the mouths I used black construction paper; Elmo’s nose, orange; and the eyes just white paper traced in black marker.
  • Guide them where to glue it all on.
  • Let them play!

Seriously, it was too easy!

What are you all doing on this cold winter day?