Let’s think green

March is a month full of green. Let’s explore how to make green with finger paint!

Yay! March has arrived and with it the promise of the color green! Green symbolizes new beginnings, life, and rejuvenation – all things we could use right about now. So why not celebrate this wonderful hue by getting creative with finger paint?


  • Yellow finger paint
  • Blue finger paint
  • White paper
  • glue

Finger painting is a fun way to express your feelings, practice patience, and get in touch with your inner artist. And with a few simple supplies, you can mix up some amazing shades of green to create your masterpiece! All you need are paper, paint, and your fingers (and maybe a smock or two). Here’s what you do:

  1. Start with white paint on a blank sheet of paper. If you want a more vibrant green, go for lighter colors like yellow and blue. Or if you want something softer, try brown and gray.
  2. Add just a bit of the color you chose into the middle of the white paint. Now take your fingers and swirl the colors together until they blend into a beautiful shade of green.
  3. Once you have found your desired hue of green, now it’s time to get creative! Use your fingertips to make strokes, splotches, swirls, and dots. Love how it looks? Leave it as is. Not quite happy with it? Keep playing around until you find your perfect green.
  4. After you’re satisfied with your finger-painting masterpiece, let it dry and admire your work. Look at how that vibrant green pops from the rest of the design!

Finger painting is a great way to explore different colors and textures while creating something unique that’s all your own! So grab some paper and paint and get creative this month with your own version of awesome green.

More things to do

Help your child combine the colors on the paper to create the color green. Talk about other things that are green. Walk around the house (or outside if it is warm enough) and find some green items. If you are able to, glue some of the green items onto the paper. In green paint write “green” at the top of the sheet.

Another way to make green with finger paints is by experimenting with objects from nature. For instance, you can find green leaves from nearby trees or shrubs to press onto the canvas for an interesting look. Or, you could try using ink from cuttlefish bones or squid tentacles to achieve unique designs.

Why not take this opportunity to explore the world of natural dyes? There are many plants from which you can extract pigment that produce beautiful shades of green. Popular choices include spinach juice, nettle dye, and turmeric powder. All of these natural alternatives are sure to bring out the artist in any budding painter!

Finger painting with green is a great way to celebrate the coming of spring. So don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty– who knows what kind of masterpieces you might create?