National Bubble Week

This week is National Bubble Week!!

Let’s explore bubbles with our children!

What you need

  • Plastic bottle
  • Food coloring
  • Water
  • Dishwashing liquid

What to do

Fill the bottle with 2/3 full of water, food coloring and dish liquid. Super glue the top shut. Let your child shake the bottle and watch the bubbles form!

After that head over to our preschool games online and pop bubbles with our bubbles game!

Today let’s find some bubble wrap and let our children walk over it popping the bubbles for a fun sensory experience! Everyone loves popping bubble wrap!

Don’t forget to check out our preschool games online. We have a bubble game too!

Let’s make some bubble paintings!!!

What you need

  • Large pieces of paper
  • Food coloring
  • Bubble solution

What to do

This activity will need to be completed outside. Mix the food coloring with the bubble solution. Place the large pieces of paper on the ground. Blow bubbles with your child and let them land on the paper, or let your child “catch” the bubbles with paper. The bubbles will leave a print creating artwork!

Later check out our bubbles game online and pop some bubbles with your preschooler!