New Year’s Preschool Hat

Preschoolers love parties and hats, and what’s a New Year’s party without party hats? This simple New Year’s Preschool Hat craft will entertain your preschooler while both making and wearing it. Made from construction paper and using the Basic Paper Cone Hat, this party hat is sure to gather attention during your New Year’s celebration.

Materials You Will Need

12×18″ construction paper
Gold glitter fabric paint
Glitter pom poms
White school glue

How to Make It

Step 1:

Construct a basic paper cone hat from the construction paper.

Step 2:

Glue the glitter pom-poms around the bottom of the hat. Glue one or two pom poms to the top point.

Step 3:

With the gold glitter fabric paint, write “Happy New Year 2007” and draw fancy designs on the paper cone hat. Allow to dry.

Helpful Hint

Attach an elastic or yarn band to either side of the hat to fit your preschooler.

Additional Idea

Glue jingle bells among the pom poms to create a lively New Year’s noisemaker!

Show and Tell Us

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