Rock Through The Alphabet – Letter A Apple Stamping

Your preschooler will enjoy using apples to stamp the letter “A” all over their paper. This creates a fun project for preschoolers to take home to their parents or for use as part of a home preschool program. It takes a few minutes of adult preparation beforehand to get started. Preschoolers will love this simple art activity and will be excited about learning their ABC’s.

What You Need

A Sharp Knife
Construction Paper
Paper Plates


Preschool Book: Applebet by Clyde Watson

Adult Preparation

Cut the apple cleanly in half. Using a sharp knife cut the letter A into each apple half. This can be done by making two diagonal cuts in the shape of a triangle in the top of the apple, first from the side and then from the top. Remove the excess apple pieces. Cut a small triangle on the inside of the top of your original triangle to make the inside of your letter A. Cut the apple away from the bottom of your letter A to finish.

What to Do

Fill paper plates with paint and give each preschooler a piece of paper. Have preschoolers dip the apple halves into the paint and stamp the letter “A” onto their paper.

This activity can be done with different letters. “A” is one of the easier ones to carve out of an apple but templates can be made by printing block letters that fit the size of your apple and carving out the letter. You may need to use a spoon to start carving out the center of the A if you are having trouble.

Preschoolers love this activity. They are amused by the idea that they are painting with an apple and they love how easily the can create painted letter A’s.


Find objects that begin with the letter “A”. Write the name of the object on your preschoolers Apple Stamping page using the stamped “A” as the first letter of the word. If you have any preschoolers who have a name that starts with the letter “A” write their name on the page, using the stamped letter as the first letter of their name.