Toddler Doesn’t recognize one of the parents

Sometimes it’s happen that a toddler doesn’t recognize one of the parents. It’s just happen sometimes. Without any reason. (It seems so but it always has some reason). Very often toddlers doesn’t recognize fathers. It was in our family and I know some families where was the same problem.

Knowing lots of toddlers and having the most stubborn one I can tell that nothing can help in this situation and but patience of “rejected” parent and the time spent together. When I see that relation between my daughter and husband start to become strained I leave them together. The father learns how find connection with daughter and daughter learns more about father. There is always some work to do and money to earn but we can’t make our children to love us in our absence. We can’t be an example for them without doing for them even something ordinary, commonplace and boring for us. Just spend time together showing you are really interested in their life and problems.

Which parent is Better?

It’s very sad when because of speed of our stressful life and busy schedule fathers (sometime mothers too) lost that special ties that bind a family. We can’t leave without money and we still have to earn them but toys and food can never replace a father or mother. It’s easy to start a family and give birth a child but to feel and to understand a child through life is like a gift given for hard work and selflessness, remembering what is the final goal.

Out time cost nothing but it’s the best what we can give to our children. We can earn lots of money but even all gold of the world won’t buy that first the most important years we should devote them. The lack of attention and time make them to reject us. And it can be too late