Best Restaurants In San Antonio

Cuisine Scene in San Antonio

The cuisine scene in San Antonio is truly mind-boggling. Any foodie worth his salt would agree that nowhere else does the chow offer as much variety and satisfaction as it does in San Antonio. From native hot tamales to traditional American grub the city offers fare from around the globe. In fact, it is San Antonio’s diverse culture that makes it possible to sample delicious cuisine from all over. In truth strolling along the river after a good repast is one of the most satisfying experiences of San Antonio.

San Antonio 2017: Best of San Antonio, TX TourismThe Riverwalk is actually a good place to start exploring the many food joints that line the famed walkways. From varied world cuisines to classic Southern cooking is all available right there. ORO has you enjoying delightful Mediterranean food even as you can dig into perfectly seared steaks at Morton’s Steakhouse or at the Old San Francisco Steakhouse. San Antonio is also well known for its Italian eateries. Aldo’s Ristorante Italiano is the perfect place to sample from a delicious menu.

Mexican Restaurants, of course, abound in San Antonio. From a hole in the wall to upscale dining places you have numerous options for your tacos, tamales and tortillas. Nothing like a festive Mexican restaurant to brighten up your spirits after a day out sightseeing. Flavors ranging from local Tex-Mex to South of the Border seafood can have you coming back again and again. You will come to enjoy unique dishes like stuffed poblano peppers, pollo pibil, or anticuchos as much as your fajitas and enchiladas.

Besides the ubiquitous Taco Cabana, San Antonio harbors all flavors of Mexican food North of the border as well. Numerous Mexican restaurants here offer authentic cuisine that borders on the innovative at times. Believe this that San Antonio cuisine is a fusion of gastronomical delights derived from the many cultures that settled in the area. You have Mexican food along with classic German dishes besides traditional Southern comfort cooking, that all satiate you like nowhere else.

The best of Tex-Mex food is available in San Antonio. Local recipes will have you taking second helpings without a second thought. Famed San Antonio restaurants keep getting rave reviews and word of mouth publicity has gourmands rushing in. Its always a good deal to know which restaurants serve what and know your favorite cuisine by location. From iconic eateries to fusion-fueled bistros, San Antonio’s culinary scene is as vibrant, eclectic and undeniably Latin as also German, and Southern, and Asian and French just like the city is!

Don’t forget though that San Antonio fare is pretty spicy too. No matter where you go authentic cuisine will always have the heat turned on. Whether it’s the fajitas or the deep-fried chickens, every thing’s sensational. Try the traditional soups at El Mirador famed also for its creative tacos de langosta. That’s lobster! Tacos, especially for breakfast with egg and potato jibes along with chorizo are the tops at popular Taco Haven. And at Los Barrios or at La Hacienda you can enjoy Enchiladas Mexicanas with crumbled white cheese and a lusty red chile sauce. Do enjoy sampling their wonderful tequila

Not to be forgotten is the German influence on San Antonio cuisine that originated in the historic German districts. Guenther House restaurant has easily blended the best of Germany and the Old South. But if you are keen on potato salad and split pea soup then your destination should be Schilo’s offering brats, wursts, and specialties like corned beef and cabbage. Germany and Texas come together in San Antonio with some legendary cuisine, not the least popular of which is the pit-smoked brisket. Rudy’s brisket is the talk of the town with its turkey fillings and the best sauce in town. Both the Smokehouse and Tom’s Ribs have delicious lamb ribs that will have you asking for more.

Asian cuisine including Chinese and Korean also hold a central place in San Antonio. Besides, you have Thai, Vietnamese and Indian restaurants for good measure. Thai Spice, Vietnam on Broadway, Niki’s Tokyo Inn, has introduced different cuisines in a city that now loves to finger up the sushis as much as it does the tandoor-cooked rack of lamb from Indian restaurants. Sarovar and India Oven are a pure delight.

There is decidedly more to San Antonio than the Mission Trail. Texas cooking is certainly upon a whole new different level. You just can not miss out on the tasty food that’s available at every nook and corner. No experience comes closer to the fun of experimenting along with the numerous restaurants along the delightful River Walk. It can actually be a challenging job trying to check out what you want to eat. All said and done keep in mind that there is a place where the service and value are as good as the outstanding food, if not more.

So whether it’s a romantic night out or any special occasion dinner, try Las Canarias Restaurant where you might want to try the Southwestern flavors. Do not miss out on the seafood here that you will relish to your heart’s content. The Zuni Grill besides offering the best margarita around also has the unique electric-pink Cactus ‘Rita and the fiercest salsa! When it comes to lunch and casual dining, Boudro’s wins hands down with all the wonderful Southern comfort foods – slaw, garlic mashed potatoes et all. But for the best Tex-Mex favorites slip into Ácenar for soul-soothing menus. One thing for sure from five-star restaurants to trendy Tex-Mex hangouts you’ll find a little bit of local flavor in every dish.

While here watch out for 20Nine Restaurant that offers half price on all bottles of wine after 4 p.m. L’Etoile has a special, three-course lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Wednesdays has Soleil Bistro & Wine Bar offering 50% off on select Champagne bottles. Special food events happening in San Antonio can have you going to the Gruene Music & Wine Fest on October 10-12, for wine and beer tasting as well as special brunch. November 4-9 would be holding the New World Wine & Food Festival, a black-tie dinner event. Wines from the region will be featured throughout the celebration that includes river cruises, winemaker lunches and dinners, a Grand Tasting to be held on a basin in the San Antonio River, and a nowhere-else opportunity to taste the best Mexico has to offer at Lo Mejor de Mexico, a showcase for celebrated Mexican chefs.