Car Drawing Preschool Craft

Most preschoolers have a collection of toy cars, whether they are Hotwheels™, Match Box™ or some other brand, you can use them at craft time too. It’s perfect for preschoolers have not developed the attention span it takes to sit and do a tedious craft. Redefining what the car toys can be used for is also an excellent way to keep their imaginations flowing. Have your preschooler pick out a few of the “fastest” cars and get them ready to do some crafts.

What You Need

Table of Contents

Difficulty Level 2 out of 5 Toy Cars – Hotwheels™ or Match Box™ type
Paper – the larger the better
Ink Pad – such as for rubber stamping

How To Make It

First Technique

Step One:
This step will probably be the job of the parent. What you need to do is tape a marker to the car in a fashion such that when your preschooler “drives” it, the pen will be in contact with the paper. Do this with several different cars using different color markers.

Step Two:
This is the fun part! Let your preschooler drive their cars around on the paper, making cool designs.

Step Three:

After the swirls and squiggles are on the paper, your preschooler can then color in the shapes that were created. Help to see if any of the shapes/designs look like some object or animal then add eyes or other details to make the drawing come to life.

Second Technique

Step One:
Open up the stamp pad let your preschooler “drive” the cars over it. Then have them drive the cars on the paper, resulting in some cool designs.

Step Two:
Repeat the above step with several cars on different color ink pads. When the race is over, you can again look to see if any of the resulting tire tracks look like anything familiar and add details to complete the masterpiece.


For smaller children, use larger cars that are easy for them to maneuver. For a group activity, try putting a large sheet of butcher paper on the floor and let them do this project. Make custom stationery by letting your preschooler make a few tracks across the page and add a small car sticker to the lower bottom of the sheet.