Wonderful Water Bracelet Preschool Craft

The hardware store has so many inexpensive things that you and your preschooler can turn into a craft project. The next time you need to pick up some nuts and bolts, get a few feet of clear plastic tubing while you’re there and make some of these Wonderful Water Bracelets. They cost only a few cents to make and they look fabulous! Your preschooler can even give them as gifts to friends and family.

What You Need

Table of Contents

¼” Clear Plastic Tubing – for bracelets
3/8” Clear Plastic Tubing – for connectors
Small Beads

How To Make It

Step One:
Cut a length of the 1/4” plastic tubing that when bent into a circle will fit over your preschooler’s hand.

Step Two:
Cut a 1 ½” piece of the 3/8” tubing to use as a connector.

Step Three:
Holding your finger over one of the open ends of the ¼” tubing, put glitter, sequins, small beads, etc. into it. When you have put in the desired amount of decoration, add water to the bracelet leaving about 1 ½” of air. This air gap will help the items move around easier.

Step Four:
Use the piece of 3/8” tubing as a connector. There you have your bracelet!


This is a great craft to take to the beach. Cut the tubing ahead of time then let your preschooler fill the bracelets with things they find at the sea shore – sand, pebbles, tiny shells – making it a clever memento of their visit to the ocean.