Help a constipated toddler to recover fast

Toddler constipation is often a major problem that parents have to deal with. Most of the inexperienced parents often panic and try to find toddler constipation relief frantically. However, they needn’t worry since toddler constipation is perfectly normal and can happen due to many reasons like unhealthy foods and less fiber in diet, lack of physical activities, holding the bowel movements when they are due to come out naturally, intake of supplements and medications and other anatomical problems.

The American Academy of pediatrics says that the visible signs of constipation in toddlers include large, hard and dry stools or painful bowel movements. Although the best ways of relieving a constipated toddler is by finding the cause and countering it, there are a few general ways that can provide ease and relief to toddlers during constipation.

  • Warm bath- Let your baby sit on a bath tub with lukewarm water that reaches around chest height. The idea is to let the muscles relax around the rectum area and stomach of your toddler. A warm bath eases the muscles and relieves cramps that are usually linked with constipation. Relaxation of muscles helps in easy passing of stools.
  • Tummy massage- Start at the belly button of your toddler and move clockwise outside gently in a circular motion. This will help in stimulation of muscles required for moving stools and producing smoother bowel movement.
  • Consume lots of water- Ensure that your toddler intakes adequate water, about 8-10 cups daily. However, fluid requirements generally vary and depend on their activities, size of their body and weather. For ensuring that your toddler drinks enough water, offer them more during the hot weathers.
  • Fibrous foods- The diet for constipated toddler should include more fiber such as vegetables, fruits and grains that can help to relieve constipation. More specifically, brown rice, raw almonds, mangoes, raisings, apples, grapes, papaya and apricots will do the magic for your kid. If your toddler cannot chew, you can add magnesium supplements in his drinks since magnesium is an excellent laxative.
  • Fruit juice- Juices of fruits like prune and apples are said to be effective toddler constipation relief remedies. Give them undiluted fruit juice daily for one or two times. Experiment with smaller quantities first as too much of fruit juices can result in diarrhea as well.
  • Physical activities and exercising- Ensure that your toddler has enough physical activity during day, at least for around 60 minutes. Physical activities would move the body, thus making the bowels moving.
  • Laxatives- This is usually recommended to be the last effort and probably the fastest way for bringing toddler constipation relief. Since there are numerous over the counter supplements and medicine for constipated toddler, be sure to discuss with your pediatrician first before administering them. Laxatives are used only when your toddler is experiencing chronic constipation. Be careful to use them as directed, since overuse can result in decreased bowel movement function. One of the best laxatives recommended by pediatricians for the cause is glycerin suppositories.

Natural and safe toddler constipation remedies

Natural and safe toddler constipation remedies: Constipation is one among the common ailments which toddlers experience. It’s something that you would like to end straightway unless you wish to go through insufferable moments with you baby. And since babysitting a constipated toddler isn’t a pleasant experience at all, you should be aware of instant constipation remedies that can bring relief to you as well as your child. Constipation remedies are readily available and quite easy to administer as well. Diagnosing a chronic constipation toddler is relatively easy since there are only a few signs that would need to check for such as nausea, stomach aches, yelling or crying during bowel movements and crankiness among other symptoms.

The very basic remedies for toddler constipation include improving your child’s diet like adding more fluids and fiber in his food. Fluids and fiber make stool softer and easier to pass. Avoid foods that contribute more to constipation such as fatty food and milk products. Fruit juices are also excellent constipation remedies and have been proved quite effective in the long run. Grapes, apples and pears are especially beneficial in easing out constipation. Diet for constipated toddler should include vegetables like brown rice, cereal, granola, oat meal, wheat bread which are a great source of fiber. While feeding oatmeal to your toddler, make sure that you are mixing it with sliced vegetables and fruits for adding more flavor. You may also add prunes since they are natural laxatives. There are also other foods that you can give a try like spinach and broccoli. High fiber foods like cereal and grains are equally good too. Conducting a quick internet research can give you a wealth of natural foods that helps with easy bowel movement. Dietary supplements and natural remedies that can aid in preventing constipation include:

  • Garlic- destroys harmful bacteria present in colon.
  • Vitamin E- helps to heal the colon.
  • Chlorophyll Liquid- eliminates bad breath and toxin.
  • Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids- has amazing healing and cleansing effects.
  • Ginger- stimulates digestive system and helps to pass food smoothly through the intestines.
  • Aloe Vera- cleans and heals the digestive tract and softens the stools.
  • Flax Seed- crush flax seeds and add them in your toddler’s food.

Numerous stool softeners and medicine for constipated toddler are also available in the marketplace such as Colace Syrup, Metamucil, mineral oil, Citrucel, milk of magnesia and Maltsupex. However, stool softeners shouldn’t be considered as habit forming. Apart from buying laxatives and medications to treat your child’s medication, you can follow simple remedies at home like massaging your toddler’s tummy or giving him a warm bath to make him feel at ease.

Another essential measure you need to take is to engage your toddler in physical activity which will keep him active and healthy throughout the day. If you can allot at least 30 minutes of exercise each day, then the bowels would become regular. You would also be enhancing your baby’s defenses by strengthening his immune system. In severe cases, if your child is suffering from acute constipation, then you may consult a pediatrician.