Help Your Children Understand Patterns

Pattern Mania! Let’s help our children understand patterns.

Are you ready for some pattern mania fun? Let’s help our children learn about patterns with a playful activity! Gather your materials – 6 plastic spoons, 6 toy blocks (or any items that come in multiples such as cotton balls, toy cars, etc.) and get ready for an adventure.


  • Plastic spoons (6)
  • Toy blocks (6)

(if you don’t have these items- any items that you have multiples of will work, cotton balls, toy cars, etc)

What to do

Lay out an AB pattern for your child to copy using the items (spoon, block, spoon, block). Show them the model and explain the pattern to them, asking them if they can remember what comes next in the sequence. If your child understands what comes next, let them start mimicking the pattern and create their own! Lead a clapping game or sing-a-long as they work – listening to music while enjoying pattern play is sure to make it more memorable.

When they’re feeling extra brave, challenge them to come up with their own patterns using the same materials! Talk about what patterns repeat and which ones don’t. Show them how to track their patterns with their finger so they can remember where they started.

Ask them to re-create the pattern using the same items. Help them understand what comes next by looking at the model you created for them) When you are done playing with patterns head over to our children’s games page and play the patterns game with your preschooler.