Creating Preschool Lesson Plans

Well-thought-out lesson plans can contribute to a calmer and more educationally stimulating atmosphere in the preschool classroom. Preschool teachers can practice child-led lesson planning to make the preschool classroom more exciting for each individual preschooler.

Discover the Interests of Each Preschooler

Preschoolers have an inherent curiosity about the world. Preschool teachers can make the most of this by discovering the things that each preschooler is interested in. Keep a list of things that preschoolers express interest in. This list can be a valuable tool when you sit down to plan lessons that will hold the attention of the preschoolers in your class. Preschoolers will give you a wealth of lesson ideas as you observe them. One preschooler may talk about their pet dog and how much they love them. That preschooler may enjoy a preschool theme unit centered on dogs or pets. Another preschooler may enjoy building large towers with the blocks during free playtime. That preschooler may enjoy a construction themed preschool theme or a preschool lesson on balance.

Consider Preschoolers Interests When Planning Lessons

Keeping on an ongoing list of the interests that the preschoolers in the class have simplified lesson planning. Your list of interests can spark many creative lesson plan ideas that you may not have thought of otherwise. Using a preschool theme when planning lessons for preschoolers gives you a clear starting point that can help you develop lesson plans your preschoolers will enjoy.

Start With a Basic Outline

When creating lesson plans, it helps to know what types of activities you need to include in your day. A basic lesson plan template helps shorten the amount of time you need to spend creating a lesson plan. Consider the basic activities that you include in your day and add them to your lesson plan template. Some general categories that can be included in your lesson plan template are circle time, arts and crafts, math and science, music and movement, pretend play, and language and literature. If you provide a snack in your preschool program you can add a section for menu planning on your lesson plan template. Many times you can incorporate your snack into your themed lesson plan to make it more fun for preschoolers. If you have centers in your preschool classroom you can plan for those ahead of time so that they will include things that will interest the preschoolers in the class.

Be Flexible

Preschoolers need structured routine in their day but when working with preschoolers it is always important to allow for a little bit of flexibility. If you begin an activity or lesson and halfway through it you realize that the preschoolers in your class are not enjoying it the way you thought they would it is okay to stop the activity and move on to something else. Keep your daily schedule open enough that preschoolers have time for free play and open art exploration. Being flexible and planning your preschool lesson plans around the interest of the preschoolers in your classroom will help you to provide an exciting and educational preschool curriculum.