Preschool Library Adventures

Maybe you are looking for an educational adventure with your preschooler, but it is too cold for the zoo, and the park is covered in snow. Consider an indoor library adventure. Most local libraries offer educational adventures for preschoolers throughout the year. The library is an especially great adventure to take on a snowy day.

Library Storytime

Many libraries offer preschool storytimes. These events happen on a regular basis and are often offered for particular age groups.

What are some of the benefits of attending a library storytime?  Reading is Fun

-Early literacy skills (listening to a story, sequence, awareness that print carries meaning, awareness of text-picture relationship)
-Social interaction for preschoolers and their parents

If you are a working parent, never fear! Many libraries offer an early evening storytime for preschoolers and their families. Because preschoolers are encouraged to wear their pajamas, bedtime will be an easy transition after this adventure.

Preschool Library Events

Sometimes performances for preschoolers are offered at the library. These performances might be plays or puppet shows. Perhaps a movie will be shown. Again, the social benefits for preschoolers are great as they can mingle with other preschoolers and yet be close to parents or caregivers.

Many libraries also have used book sales periodically. Preschoolers love the opportunity to shop for books to enjoy at home. Try to introduce a little money awareness by giving your preschooler a dollar and explaining that he may choose a specified number of books for that price.

Traditional Library Services

The library does not have to be offering a special activity or event for it to be a good adventure choice. Traditionally libraries offer book check out, puzzles, and puppets for the use of preschool visitors. In some locations, preschool computer programs are also available for use.

Are you looking for some great books to check out with your preschooler? Indoor Snow Fun has a list of great preschool books with a snow theme.

Are you looking for other places that offer storytimes? Consider contacting bookstores, community centers, and some toy/clothing stores.