Fourth of July Sparkler Preschool Craft

Fireworks on the Fourth of July are so much fun! With this Fourth of July Preschool Sparkler Craft, your preschooler can participate too, instead of just watching on the sidelines. This craft can be made into a great centerpiece for your Independence Day barbeque or can be used as a corsage for all the guests at your holiday celebration.

What You Need

Table of Contents

Coffee Filters
Chenille Stems
Red and Blue Watercolors – liquid variety works best
Drinking Straws

How To Make It

Step One:
Make sure your work surface is covered, this project can be very wet. Next, flatten out a coffee filter on the surface and begin to either drip watercolors or paint them it. You can make some all red, all blue, or a mixture of the two colors. Set aside to dry.

Step Two:
When painted filters are dry, using the scissors, cut slits around the edge to make fringe. Don’t cut too far into the center, you want your sparkler to stay together.

Step Three:
Cut about 2 inches off of the chenille stem. Using the long piece, poke it through the center of the coffee filter. Next, turn it upside down and gather at the base. Using the short piece, wrap it around the base to secure.

Step Four:
You are almost done. Now stick the chenille stem into a drinking straw for added stability. Your sparklers are ready to wave! If you are using this for a centerpiece or corsage, you can skip the straw step. Simply stick the chenille stem into a vase for the centerpiece or use the chenille stem to wrap around the wrist of your guests for a corsage.


This technique can be used at any time of year to create flowers for decorations. Simply use a variety of watercolors and you’ll have yourself a cheerful bouquet to decorate with or give as a gift.