Patriotic Streamer Preschool Craft

Whether your preschooler is in a parade, sitting on the sidelines or even just flying it up and down the block, this Patriotic Ribbon Streamer Preschool Craft is a quick and easy project with wonderful results. It will give your preschooler the opportunity to show their patriotism this Fourth of July.

What You Need

Table of Contents

Clean Margarine Tub Lid
Scissors or Utility Knife – Adults Only!
Red, White, and Blue Ribbon or Fabric Strips

How To Make It

Step One:
This step is for the adult. Using scissors or a utility knife, cut the center out of the lid, creating a plastic ring.

Step Two:
Tie various strips of ribbon or fabric on the ring leaving long trailing pieces that will wave in the wind. Quick and easy – now you’re done!


These are great to make for young children who are going to be in a parade. They will have a great time waving them at spectators. Or, if they themselves are a spectator, they can have just as much fun with them. You can change up the color scheme to make them useful for any holiday or seasonal celebration.