Preschool Candy Cane Gloves

Simple and inexpensive, these candy cane striped gloves are both fun and functional. Decorated with puffy white stripes, these preschool candy cane gloves are quick and easy and will keep your preschooler’s hands warm on a cold winter’s day.

Materials You Will Need

Red children’s gloves
White puffy fabric paint
Permanent fabric glue
1/2″ white pom poms

How to Make It

Step 1:

Lay the gloves out flat. With the white puffy fabric paint, paint stripes across the fingers and hands of the gloves. Allow to dry.

Step 2:

Glue the white pom poms to the tips of the fingers and around the cuffs. Allow to dry overnight before your preschooler wears these preschool candy cane gloves.

Alternative Version

Preschool boys might think pom poms are too “girlie” and might prefer jingle bells or miniature Santa faces to pom poms.

Important Note:

Most clothing made with permanent fabric glue must NOT be washed for at least a week.