Preschool Father’s Day Craft – Barbecue Apron

This Father’s Day, let Daddy do the cooking (grilling, of course!). The Barbecue Apron makes the perfect Father’s Day gift from your preschooler to Daddy. Made from a simple canvas apron and letter sponges found at your local crafts store or at, the Barbecue Apron is easy and loads of fun for preschoolers to make. For an extra special added touch, transfer a photo of Daddy and his special preschooler to the Father’s Day Barbecue Apron!

Materials You Will Need

Canvas apron
Fabric paints
Letter sponges
Paper plates

How to Make It

Step 1:

Pour various colors of fabric paint onto the paper plates.

Step 2:

Hand your preschooler the appropriate letter sponges to dip in the paint, showing him/her where to place the letters on the apron. You can spell “World’s Greatest Griller”, “World’s Greatest Grilling Daddy”, “My Daddy is the Best Cook”, or anything you come up with!

Step 3:

Allow your preschooler to dip his/her palms into the paints to make handprints all over the Father’s Day Barbecue Apron.

Step 4:

Allow to dry and hide from Daddy until Father’s Day!