Preschool Father’s Day Craft – Car Sunshade

While Daddy’s at work, you and your preschooler can be busy preparing a special Father’s Day gift, the Preschooler Father’s Day Craft – Car Sunshade! Purchase an ordinary cardboard windshield sunshade from your local auto shop or discount department store and turn it into this specially personalized, preschool handprint gift for Daddy. My thanks to executive editor, Stacey Lloyd, for providing this creative preschool Father’s Day craft idea.

Materials You Will Need

Cardboard auto sunshade
Tempera poster paint (several colors)
Newspapers or drop cloth
Paper plates
Disposable bowl or jar

How to Make It

Step 1:

Spread newspapers or drop cloth on the floor and place the cardboard auto sunshade on it.

Step 2:

Choose one color of paint to be the background color of your sunshade. Pour the paint into the disposable bowl or jar. Paint one side of the entire sunshade that color. You may need several coats to cover any graphics that may be present. Allow to dry.

Step 3:

Have an adult write, “(Child’s Name)’s Daddy” in large letters across the sunshade. For great results, use large letter stencils. Allow to dry.

Step 4:

Pour several different colors of the tempera paint onto paper plates. Have your preschooler place his/her hands into the paint to create handprints in assorted colors on the sunshade.

Step 5:

Allow everything to dry then hide the Preschool Father’s Day Craft – Car Sunshade from Daddy until Father’s Day!