Preschool Father’s Day Craft – Loose Change Keeper

Daddy will love this simple Father’s Day gift! Using an old (or new) glass bowl or an ashtray, your preschooler can easily make this wonderful present for Daddy. The Father’s Day Loose Change Keeper is handy for holding coins, paper clips, nail clippers, you name it. Look around the house, at garage sales, or thrift stores to find an unchipped glass bowl or ashtray and let your preschooler paint decorations for Daddy!

Materials You Will Need

Glass ashtray or bowl
Glass paint (permanent, no-bake)

How to Make It

Step 1:

Wash and dry the glass ashtray or bowl. Place on top of the newspaper to avoid messes.

Step 2:

Put a large t-shirt on your preschooler, hand him the paintbrushes, and let him paint to his heart’s content!

Step 3:

Allow to dry before hiding from Daddy until Father’s Day.

Alternative Materials

Use a wooden salad bowl, sturdy paper disposable bowl, baby food jar, or any other container you might have around the house.