Preschool Halloween Trick or Treat Bag

This sturdy canvas Halloween Trick or Treat bag can be decorated with several spooky shapes! Using a plain canvas bag (featured below) and Halloween cookie cutters such as black cats, spiders, ghosts, and pumpkins, the Preschool Halloween Trick or Treat Bag is the perfect item to carry all that yummy Halloween candy!

Materials You Will Need

Plain canvas grocery bag or tote bag
Orange fabric paint
Black fabric paint
Halloween shaped cookie cutters
Paper plates

How to Make ItBuy at

Step 1:

Squirt a bit of both the orange and black fabric paints on paper plates. Have your preschooler dip the Halloween shaped cookie cutters in the appropriate color paint and then press the design onto the canvas bag.

Step 2:

With the paintbrushes, color in the spooky Halloween shapes. Allow to dry.

Additional Ideas

Decorate the Preschool Halloween Trick or Treat Bag further by adding orange and black sequins, pompoms, and ribbons to the bag.

Use letter sponges to paint your preschooler’s name on the bag. This is especially helpful if you have more than one child in the home (to prevent the bags from getting mixed up)!