Preschool Spring Sunshine Purse Craft

Preschool girls will enjoy this bright and cheery Preschool Spring Craft. Very inexpensive and fun to assemble, the Preschool Spring Sunshine Purse is a great spring craft and cute addition to your preschooler’s dress-up collection.

Materials You Will Need

Two yellow felt squares
18” yellow ribbon
Black shiny fabric paint
Tacky glue

How to Make It

Step 1:

Cut two large identical circles from the yellow felt squares. From the scraps, cut a handful of 2” strips.

Step 2:

Place one of the yellow felt circles on the table. Glue the ends of the 2” strips all around the edge of the circle to create the sun “rays”. Allow drying time.

Step 3:

Put a line of tacky glue all around the edges of the other felt circle, leaving the top l/3 of the circle unglued. Place the other circle with sun rays on top of the glued circle, making sure the sun “rays” are on the inside of the purse. Allow to dry.

Step 4:

Glue both ends of the 18” ribbon to the sunshine purse to create the handle.

Step 5:

With the black shiny fabric paint, paint a smiley face on the Preschool Spring Sunshine Purse. Allow to dry and let your preschooler fill her purse with combs, play money, lip gloss, and other pretend grown-up purse things!