Preschool Theme – Winter

This winter preschool theme will get preschoolers excited about the changing seasons by bringing winter into the preschool classroom. Preschoolers can participate in winter-themed arts and crafts, math and science, and other open-ended activities to learn essential preschool skills.

Preschool Winter Circle Time

How Do We Dress in Winter? – Tell the preschoolers that we wear different types of clothing to protect our body in the winter. Ask the preschoolers what type of clothing they wear when it is cold outside. Provide a basket with assorted clothes that would be warm throughout the year such as hats, gloves, coats, warm socks, boots, shorts, a bathing suit, etc. Ask one preschooler to stand up. Have the remaining preschoolers dress the child who is standing by choosing clothes that would keep them warm.

Snowball Names – Cut large white circles out of construction paper to create snowballs. Write each preschoolers name on a snowball and post them around the preschool classroom. Have preschoolers take turns finding their names in the classroom and sharing them with the other preschoolers.

Winter Feel Box – Put an ice cube in your feel box and have preschoolers take turns reaching in and trying to guess what they are touching.

Preschool Winter Arts and Crafts

Popsicle Stick Snowflake
What better way to celebrate winter than by creating your own beautiful snowflake? This simple preschool craft uses only a few basic art supplies and is easy for preschoolers to make on their own.

Marble Painted Snowman – Have each preschooler marble paint 3 pieces of white construction paper. When the paint has dried, cut a large circle out of each piece of paper. Glue the circles together to create a snowman. Have preschoolers give their snowman a face with crayons, markers, and various craft supplies.

Preschool Winter Math and Science

Preschool Sensory Activity – Insta Snow
Shake things up a bit by providing preschoolers with a sensory experience that goes beyond the traditional materials like play dough and sand. Celebrate winter by letting preschoolers play with Insta-Snow. This powder will mesmerize preschoolers as they watch it turn to snow right before your eyes just by adding a little bit of water.

3 Step Ziplock Ice-Cream for Preschoolers
Ziplock Ice-Cream is a wonderful way to get preschoolers interested in cooking. Many preschoolers do not know what ingredients make up their favorite foods or how they are made. This simple food activity takes preschoolers through the process of making ice cream from beginning to end.

Preschool Science Activity – Melting Snow
Science is exciting for preschooler when they can see it in action. Preschoolers can learn about the properties of water by experimenting with some winter snow. This simple experiment will allow preschoolers to see water transform before their eyes into ice, water, and vapor.

Mitten Matching Math
This festive matching activity makes a wonderful Christmas time math center. Preschoolers will develop their math skills as they participate in this winter matching activity.

Preschool Winter Music and Movement

Five Chilly Snowmen
This holiday poem puts a spin on an old classic. Preschoolers will enjoy playing along while they hear about these five chilly snowmen who can’t seem to stay on their sleds.

Preschool Winter Pretend Play

Paper Plate Skating Activity
Use paper plates as a prop to engage preschoolers in a fun and festive fitness activity indoors. Preschoolers will use large muscle groups and more as they scoot paper plates on the floor under their feet. For a preschool party activity or rainy day activity, paper plate skating provides physical exercise and fitness for preschoolers indoors.

Preschool Winter Language and Reading

Shaving Cream Letters
Preschoolers love to experience the world with all their senses. Sensory activities are a wonderful way to teach valuable educational concepts to preschoolers. This preschool literacy activity encourages preschoolers to practice writing their letters and numbers by making it fun. Why use a crayon and paper when you can write in shaving cream?