Show Your Emotions Preschool Activity

Does your preschooler like show his/her emotions? Does s/he like to draw too? Then this preschool activity is perfect and as easy as drawing a happy face. Preschool activity inspired by song Tell Them How You Feel by Princess Katie and Racer Steve from the CD Songs for the Coolest Kids.

What You Need

  • Piece of square poster board
  • Markers
  • Contact paper
  • Velcro strips
  • Construction paper
  • Plastic or paper dinner plate

What To Do

Step 1: On the top of the poster board, you or your preschooler can write, “Today, I Feel …” Cover the piece of poster board with Contact paper.

Step 2: Take the plate and trace six circles on the construction paper. Cut each one out.

Step 3: Draw a different “face” on each circle — i.e. happy, sad, angry, scared, etc. Fill up all six circles. Cover with Contact paper.

Step 4: Cut the Velcro into one-inch strips and attach to the back of circles. Place part of one of the Velcro strips in the middle of the poster board.

Step 5: Hang the sign on the outside of your preschooler’s bedroom door, closet door or even the refrigerator. Clip the faces to the bottom of the board. Each morning, when your preschooler wakes up, s/he can hang up the face that is being felt that day. If that emotion changes throughout the day, s/he can change the face as well.