Three Little Kittens Mittens Ornaments

Your preschool guests will delight at creating ornaments that show three little kittens who have found their mittens! These mittens ornaments are sure to keep young guests at your preschooler’s holiday crafts party entertained before games and refreshments. They’ll make great party favors which are sure to be hung on Christmas trees for years to come. The following instructions make 12 ornaments.

Materials You Will Need

4 Red foam sheets (paper size)
Tacky glue
Cotton swabs


36 White pom poms – 1/2″
36 White pom poms – 1″
Black shiny fabric paint
Uncooked thin spaghetti
1 gray felt square
White yarn

Pre-Party Prep

The following steps should be done by an adult the day before the party:

Step 1:

From the gray felt, cut out 36 triangles (about 1/2″ tall). From the white yarn, cut 36 2″ pieces and 12 3″ pieces. Set aside in separate sandwich baggies.

Step 2:

Draw and cut 6 mitten shapes from the red foam squares.(Do this freehand or by tracing a child’s mitten.) With scissors or hole punch, create a hole in the top of 12 mittens.

Step 3:

Make eyes, nose, and mouth on the 1/2″ pom poms with fabric paint.

Step 4:

Cut spaghetti into 1″ pieces. Place two or three of these on either side of the nose, burying one end into the fabric paint nose. Allow to dry overnight.

How to Make It

Step 1:

Write each child’s name on the back of the mittens with holes. Lace the 3″ yarn into the hole, creating a loop for hanging on the tree.

Step 2:

Give each child the following: one mitten with the child’s name and one without, three kitten heads, three bodies (1″ pom-poms), 6 gray triangles, 3 pieces of the 2″ yarn, and a cotton swab.

Step 3:

Pour a small amount of tacky glue onto a paper plate. Allow the children to dip their cotton swabs into the glue.

Step 4:

Have the children glue the mittens together at the thumbs.

Step 5:

Have the children glue the heads onto the bodies, tails onto the backs, ears onto the heads, and finally, kittens onto the mittens.

Step 6:

Allow to dry until it’s time for your preschool guests to take them home.