Preschool Alphabet Soup Craft

Cook up some alphabet soup with your preschooler! This creatively unique preschool papercraft lets preschoolers find letters of the alphabet to make imaginary alphabet soup on a fun little paper stovetop. Time to get cookin’ with your preschooler and the alphabet!

Materials You Will Need

Construction paper: black, red, white, yellow
Newspaper or magazine ads

How to Make It

Step 1:
Let your preschooler go through and cut out letters of the alphabet from newspaper or magazine ads.
Step 2:
Glue the letters to a piece of construction paper for sturdiness. Cut out.

Make the Preschool Paper Stove

Step 1:
Form a large square from the white construction paper by cutting off a strip from one end of the paper. Cut four small lines where indicated in bold on the photograph to the right.
Step 2:
Fold the paper upwards using the dotted lines as a folding guide. Place glue where indicated with red dots on the photograph. Assemble into the shape of a box.
Step 3:
Using the red construction paper, cut out a twirly shape to create the “stove burner”. Note: a red magic marker would work just as well.
Step 4:
Create on/off buttons with yellow construction paper squares.

Make the Preschool Paper Saucepan

Step 1:
From the black construction paper, cut out the shapes indicated in the photo below. The long black strip is 9” long, the circle about 3” wide (not including the tabs), and the pan “handle” is about 4” long. The blue lines indicate folding lines.
Step 2:
Assemble the paper saucepan as follows:
1.  Create a ring with the long strip. Glue together.
2.  Fold the tabs up on the circle piece. Glue the tabs to the bottom of the ring, creating the saucepan bottom.
3.  Fold the end of the panhandle down and glue to the paper pan.
Step 3:
Cut out a paper spoon from the construction paper scraps.
Step 4:
Dump the letters into the Preschool Alphabet Soup Craft saucepan and “stir”! Mmmm!