Touch and Feel Seasons Wallhanging

April showers, May flowers, and September fall leaves are just a few of the textural additions to Skip Through the Seasons with this simple and creative seasons wallhanging craft. Your preschooler will love creating and playing with each aspect of this month by month Preschool Holiday Craft.

Materials You Will NeedDifficulty Level 4 out of 5


19×25″ felt material (any color you desire)
Felt squares: pink, green, orange

Fabric Paint

Shiny: black, red
Puffy: pink, tan

Additional Materials

Four 26″ strips of 1/2″ ribbon (any color)
Five 19″ strips of 1/2″ ribbon (any color)
Tacky glue
Two jump rings or plastic rings
Needle and thread
Flat glittery snowflake ornament
Glue gun and clear glue sticks
Silk flower
Ladybug iron-on patch
1/2 cup of sand
Old washcloth
Silk fall leaf
Child’s glove
Several small feathers
Wrapping paper
Curling ribbon
Small, flat empty box (chewing gum box works great)

How to Make It

Note: These four steps should be done before your preschooler sits down to help, especially if he/she has a short attention span.

1. Lay the felt material out flat. Glue the 26″ ribbons vertically onto the felt, spaced six inches apart.

2. Glue the 19″ ribbons horizontally onto the felt, spaced six inches apart. You should then have a grid with 12 individual squares.

3. With the black shiny fabric paint, label each month in the grid: January, February, March, etc. Allow to dry.

4. With the needle and thread, sew the two rings onto the top of the wallhanging.

Instructions by Month


Glue the snowflake ornament into January’s square.


Draw and cut a heart shape from the pink felt and glue it onto February’s square.


Draw and cut a four leaf clover shape from the green felt and glue it onto March’s square.


Using the hot glue as a sort of paint, create “raindrops” in April’s square. Allow to dry clear.


Glue the silk flower onto May’s square.


Iron on the ladybug patch onto June’s square.


Using the tan puffy fabric paint, draw an ice cream cone. Make an ice cream scoop from the pink puffy fabric paint.


Spread tacky glue onto a good part of August’s square. Before the glue dries, sprinkle the sand onto it. Glue a rectangle scrap of the old washcloth onto the sand to resemble a beach towel on the beach.


Glue the silk fall leaf onto September’s square.


Draw and cut the shape of a pumpkin or jack-o-lantern from the orange felt square and glue onto October’s square.


1. Glue the child’s glove onto the center of November’s square.

2. Using the red fabric paint, draw a turkey chin. Using the black fabric paint, draw eyes and a smile.

3. Glue the feathers onto the turkey’s side.


Using the wrapping paper, wrap the small flat box just as you would any present. Tie the curling ribbon around it and glue the gift package onto December’s square.

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