Back to School Backpack Craft

Preschoolers are always toting home colorful artwork, worksheets, and important papers from teachers, and a backpack is a necessary item! This fun and simple Back to School Backpack Craft uses a plain backpack and whichever embellishments you and your preschooler desire. The Dickies® Basic Student Backpack (featured below) is a sturdy backpack that will last all year and makes a great base for this preschool back to school craft.

Materials You Will Need

Plain backpack
Permanent fabric glue
Embellishments: fabric paint, sequins, iron-ons, etc.

How to Make It

Step 1:

Choose a backpack in your preschooler’s favorite color. The Dickies® Basic Student Backpack comes in 59 colors!

Step 2:

Set out all of your chosen embellishments. Sequins, letters, and buttons are just a few examples of embellishments you can use. Cars, animals, and sports iron-ons are great for boys, while hearts, ribbons, and silk flowers make beautiful girl accessories.

Step 3:

Allow your preschooler to choose which embellishments to use and where to place them. Help him/her glue the decorations into place using permanent fabric glue. (Some items may need to be ironed on or stitched in place, but be sure to let your preschooler watch!)

Step 4:

Allow any fabric glue to dry. Hang up the Back to School Backpack on the wall or in the closet until the first day of preschool or kindergarten!